Alumni Career Development Series

Alumni Career Development Series

The Alumni Career Development Series features talks and workshops led by TC graduates from a range of professional backgrounds. Past webinars have covered topics such as career management, networking, social media branding and leadership. The series is a free, convenient and engaging way to develop necessary career skills for today’s workplace.  Scroll through this page to see upcomingfeatured and archived events.

Upcoming Events


View our full archive of events below. If there is a specific career topic you would like us to cover in this series, email to request a topic.

The Alumni Career Development Series is brought to you by the Alumni Council and TC NEXT. The views, opinions and positions expressed by the speakers and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Teachers College or any employee thereof. 

Featured Event

Activating Inclusive Leadership: A Roadmap

Learn the key traits of inclusive leaders and  how to develop your personal roadmap to activating inclusive leadership in your workplace.

Webinar Archive

Meet the Funders: Demystifying the Grant Process | Leigh Ross (M.A. ’12), Gisele Shorter (Ed.D ’12), Brooke Stafford-Brizzard (Ph.D. ’06) and Priya Sircar (M.A. ’11)

Building Connections Through Culturally Responsive Practices | Reva McPollom (M.A. ’12)

Designing your DEI Strategy: Tips for Small Organizations | Samira Abdul-Karim (M.A. '16)

Building Resilience During Change and Transition | Barbara Phillips (M.A. '94)

Behind the Screen: Combating Microaggressions in the Workplace | Gina Torino (Ph.D. '09)

Burning Bright Without Burning Out: Building Resiliency to Fuel Creativity | Vijayeta Sinh (Ph.D. '11)

Discover Your Brand: How to Leverage Your Strengths, Accomplishments and Visions for Professional Growth | Tanisha Jain (M.A. ’19), Robert Louis-Charles (M.A. ’19) and Carlos Osuna (Ed.D. ’22)

Managing Relationships from a 360 View: Building your Relational Social Capital | Diane Brescher (Ed.D. ’10)

Be Pitch Perfect Any Time: How Speaking Up Can Propel Your Career | Mimi Donaldson (M.A. '72)

When No is Better than Yes: Negotiating for Time, Relationships and Sanity | Michele Williams (M.A. '90)

Leading with Momentum: Design Meetings that (Actually!) Achieve Results | Tai Tsao (M.A. '14)

Navigating Federal Student Loan Repayment after Graduation | Teachers College Office of Financial Aid

Leaning In, Leaning On: Why Mentorship Matters (Especially for Women!) |  Jane Brown (M.A. ’10) and Jessica Sarles-Dinsick (M.A. ’17)

Pursuing Your Passion: How to Navigate a Career Change | Cristina Romeo Compton (Ed.D. '16)

The Craft of Creativity | Matthew Cronin (M.A. ’97)

Creating a Climate for the Growth Mindset to Flourish  | Courtney Brown (M.A. ’91)

Knockout Presentations: Be Clear, Concise and Confident | Diane DiResta (M.S. '77)

Networking for Introverts | Ruth Gotian (Ed.D. ’17)

Personal Branding: Consciously Enhancing What You Already Have | Linda Evans (M.A. ’16)

The Teaching Secrets of the Best Leaders | Reshan Richards (Ed.D. ’14) and Stephen J. Valentine

Visit this page to find an archive of all other virtual alumni events.

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