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Meet Your Alumni Council

2015-2016 Alumni Council Members

"My work with Teachers College has challenged me to be the best educator I can be and to encourage the diversity of educators and others who come through TC's doors to work together on the common goal of bettering ourselves, and more importantly, bettering those around us."

TC Degree & Graduation Year: Ed.D. 2011 | Higher and Postsecondary Education
Number of years on Council:  7

Connect with Jeffrey.
Twitter: @DrJeffreyP

"I came to Teachers College in 1989, with plans to complete my doctorate in international education and return to the Northwest.  Twenty happy and rewarding years later, I retired from TC as Director of International Services.  'About 20 minutes' after I retired, I was asked to join the Alumni Council!  At TC I have been a student, a work-study, an intern, a professional staff member, an adjunct assistant professor, and now a Council member.  I continue to value greatly the professional and personal friendships I developed over the years.  I always said I had the best (and most fun) job at TC, as I worked with the College's wonderful international students and scholars, truly 'the best and brightest' from all around the world.  Their dedication to their studies and professional development never failed to impress me.  I feel honored to have helped many of them achieve their academic and personal goals.  Now as a Council member, I am focusing on reconnecting international alumni to the College and to each other.  I am very fortunate to be able to continue the most rewarding aspect of my career at TC through my work on the Alumni Council." 

TC Degree & Graduation year: Ed.D. 1996 (International Educational Development) 
Alumni Committee(s) you serve on: President-Elect, Awards & Recognition Committee Co-chair 
Number of years on Council:  15

Connect with Marion.

‌"The diverse interests of the TC community let you develop relationships with others on practically any topic."

TC Degree & Graduation Year: Ed.D. (Instructional Technology & Media), 2009
Alumni Council Committee(s) you serve on: Programs and Resources
Number of years you’ve been on Council: 3

Connect with Nabeel.

Galit Ben-Joseph

GBJI now know all about how to motivate employees, so they are productive and satisfied.  In fact, I am now obsessed with Management Theory and I am proud of this skill I learned at TC!

TC Degree & Graduation year: M.A. '98

TC Degree & Graduation year: Ed.M. 1975; M.Phil. 1979; Ph.D. 1979 (Special Education)
Alumni Committee(s) you serve on: Programs & Resources
Number of years on Council: 2 

Connect to Mary.

"Contrary to conventional wisdom about schools of education, TC successfully and effectively linked evidence, research and theory to almost every aspect of my educational practice.  I frequently find myself reaching back to TC faculty, coursework, colleagues and alumni for new learning, reinforcement, mentoring, and problem solving.  TC especially instilled in me the joy of life-long learning, and the importance of a FULLY prepared teacher, rather then the current belief that five weeks of training and two years of teaching provides the fair, equitable and just education that our special needs children deserve and expect.  Above all, TC taught me about what it means to be part of a professional community.  I want the next generation of education leaders to have that same experience."

TC Degree & Graduation Year: M.E. Ed Admin 1975
Alumni Council Committee(s): International Outreach Committee
Number of years you’ve been on Council:  New Member 2013-2014

Connect with Arnold.

"Teachers College, Columbia University has been invaluable to my growth and development personally, professionally, and academically. Now, my honored service on the TC Alumni Council is my treasured time to give back.  For Teachers College, Columbia University becomes part of one’s being. I feel to the fiber of my being that Teachers College launches one to achieve and perform anywhere in the world for the common good and the public trust."

TC Degree & Graduation Year:  Ed.D. 1981; M.Ed. 1971. 
Alumni Council Committee(s) you serve on: Wants & Needs and Programs & Resources
Number of years you’ve been on Council:  2

Connect with Harriet.

Carmine P. Gibaldi


From the moment that I first arrived at TC I felt "Changed".  I felt a sense of history wash over me and a feeling that I could become a part of that TC history.  Given that I attained 3 graduate degrees at TC and spent 8 years as a student at TC I know that I've been impacted in many ways and continue to be impacted everyday.  The greatest impact has been in how I view myself as a College Professor...as an educator first.  I learned from great examples of mentors at TC that it is our students that come first and that we should do whatever we can to assist them,shape them, and educate them in their fields and as people.  TC also gave me a great understanding and appreciation for the enterprise of Higher Education, that so many are lacking.  When I first got to TC I just paused and touched the wood paneled walls of Zankel and Thompson halls.  I was even moved by the cafeteria given it's beauty (obviously not the food).  The lounge in Zankel and the Library might have been my favorite spots, but so was the court yard.  I never took TC for granted and always appreciated the fact that I had the privilege to be a part of such a great institution....the best there is.

‌TC Degree & Graduation Year: Ed.D. 1989

"Having earned three degrees and having been an adjunct professor at Teachers College, my horizons were significantly broadened and I have been constantly invigorated to learn more."

TC Degree & Graduation Year: Ed.D. 1981 | Guidance in Elementary Education
M.E. 1973 | Psychological Counseling
M.A. 1972 | Psychological Counseling
Alumni Council Committee(s) you serve on: Nominating & Awards and Recognition
Number of years on Council:  3

Connect with Philip.

Michael C. Gillespie

2015 New Member Info to Come

"It has enabled me to connect with fellow TCers and hopefully contribute to TC."

TC Degree & Graduation Year: M.A. 1973 (Counseling); M.Ed. 1973 (Applied Human Development) 
Alumni Council Committee(s) you serve on: International Outreach and Nominating
Number of years you’ve been on Council:  2 

Connect with David.

"I have had the unique opportunity to both study and work at TC. This diverse and open community has exposed me to a distinct way of thinking. TC has encouraged me to continuously challenge myself and those around me, with the ultimate goal of promoting acceptance and mutual respect. By continuing to engage with fellow alumni and former colleagues, I am reminded to live my life with purpose and to motivate others to do the same."

TC Degree & Graduation Year: M.A. 2006 | Higher and Postsecondary Education
Alumni Council Committee(s) you serve on: Programs and Resources
Number of years on Council:  3

Connect with Myah.

"The experience of study and social interaction that I encountered at Teachers College broadened my world beyond my expectation,for this I am very grateful."

TC Degree & Graduation Year: Ed.D. 1986 | Family and Community Education
Alumni Council Committee(s) you serve on: Programs and Resources
Number of years on Council: 3

JKIIn the years since I attended as a student, I have come to appreciate even more my time spent at TC. The quality of education and educators was then, as it is now, naturally world-class. The TC experience helped shape me as a thinker, and underlined for me the importance of life-long learning.

TC Degree & Graduation Year:
Communication and Education, M.A. 1999
Committee(s): Secretary to the Council; Programs & Resources committee co-chair

TC Degree & Graduation year:  MA 1980, Organizational Pyschology 
Alumni Committee(s) you serve on: TBD
Number of years on Council:  New Member 2013-2014

SLI came to TC in 2002 to pursue my study in Anthropology and Education. As an international student, the years at TC first presented many challenges at various levels, academically, culturally, and personally. Looking back, what I have learned and connected during those years has made me a better researcher, a more professional educator and a much stronger person. To me, TC provided the best environment to study, and to grow. I'm so honored to serve on the Alumni Council and glad to have this opportunity to contribute to the TC community. 

TC Degree & Graduation Year: M.E. 2004, Anthropology and Education
Committee(s):  International Outreach
Number of years you’ve been on Council: 2

"My involvement in TC alumni activities has been valuable to me personally in that it has rekindled my idealism after many years away from teaching."

TC Degree & Graduation Year: MA 1995 (Social Studies) 
Alumni Council Committee(s) you serve on: Programs & Resources, Wants & Needs and DC in TC Representative
Number of years you’ve been on Council: 3

Connect with Betsy.

Rory McCourt

RMTC provided me the perfect balance of theory and practice I needed to become a successful school administrator.  As a principal, director, and now superintendent of schools, I still find myself referencing lessons learned from professors and fellow students - in short, TC taught me what real leadership is about.

TC Degree & Graduation Year: M.Ed. 2007

Connect with Rory.
Twitter: @MccourtRory


KVMMy specialty in human capital and the economics of education was finely honed at TC, and has continued as my consummate passion throughout a most interesting and fulfilling career.  I am honored and delighted to serve on the Alumni Council, a forum with a mission that enhances all alumni ties to the College and to one another.

TC Degree & Graduation Year: Philosophy and the Social Sciences, Ph.D. 1979
Committee(s): International Outreach Committee Co-chair

"My involvement with TC has been worth the time and effort it requires.  I am [also] delighted to host events and equally pleased to connect with our alumni, both here and abroad."

TC Degree & Graduation Year: MS 2000 (Speech-Language Pathology) 
Alumni Council Committee(s) you serve on: International Outreach
Number of years you’ve been on Council: 3

Connect with Mary Jo.

"My involvement with Teachers College is both long and rewarding. My first visit to TC was during my senior year at college, when I came to New York to be interviewed for the Teachers for East Africa (TEA) program, which was administered by TC and with which I then spent a year studying at Makerere University and two years teaching in Tanzania. At the two-week orientation for American "Group B" participants (those who went to Makerere to study for the Graduate Diploma in Education before being assigned to a school in Uganda, Kenya or Tanzania), I met such TC luminaries as Karl Bigelow, R. Freeman Butts, Lawrence Cremin and David Scanlon (and also a young and talented Jim Shields, whose association with TC pre-dates even my own and with whom I am happy now to be serving together on the Alumni Council). After TEA and then teaching at a private school in New Jersey, I returned to TC to enter an EdD program in African History and International Affairs. In my first semester, I happened to take a course with Harold Noah, a life-changing event that convinced me to switch my focus from history to economics. For my PhD research, I returned to East Africa (Kenya), after which I went to the University of Michigan as an economic researcher. In 1973, I was hired by the Department of Philosophy and the Social Sciences to join Harold Noah and teach economics and education at TC. I did this for ten years before leaving teaching to join the World Bank as an education economist. Recently, having retired from the World Bank, and working as an independent consultant, I have been part of a TC-led technical assistance team hired by the Asian Development Bank to assist the Government of Mongolia on issues of education reform and poverty alleviation. I look forward to serving on the TC Alumni Council. I see it as an opportunity to pay back, in small part, my debt to the College."

TC Degree & Graduation Year: MA 1968 (Comparative Education), PhD 1973 (Economics and Education) 
Alumni Council Committee(s) you serve on:  International Outreach and Nominating Committees
Number of years you’ve been on Council: 2

Connect with Peter.

"My involvement with TC has had great value. I have had the chance to network with members of the alumni council and former students. I have also attended some very useful events."

TC Degree & Graduation year: 2002
Alumni Committee(s) you serve on: Awards & Recognition
Number of years on Council: 2

Connect with Tara.

"TC continues to nourish me both personally and professionally.  I am inspired by the exceptional people I meet through my ongoing involvement with the College and the constant flow of ideas that TC supports across a broad range of disciplines.  I am grateful for my TC education, and committed to staying connected and giving back through the Alumni Council for years to come."

TC Degree & Graduation Year: M.A. 2001 | Organizational Psychology
Alumni Council Committee(s) you serve on: Awards and Recognition (2012-13 Programs and Resources, By-laws (Summer 2012), Adhoc Council Member 2011-12)
Number of years on Council:  4

Connect with Fran.

"[My involvement with TC has] allowed me to meet new friends, renew old friendships, create new ideas and ways to help TC students and alumni."

TC Degree & Graduation year: M.A. 1973 (Special Education) 
Alumni Committee(s) you serve on: International Outreach
Number of years on Council: 5

Connect with Pola.

KSTC is a community of brilliant, inquisitive minds firmly focused on what contributions they can make to the world. Our alma mater offers a powerful, global network of people and possibilities, and it's awe-inspiring to see what we can do -- together -- to serve and benefit others.

TC Degree & Graduation Year: Psychology-Organizational, M.A. 2012

"My involvement keeps me up to date on relevant trends and issues in education.  It is also a great networking avenue as I meet people with great ideas and knowledge they are willing to share." 

TC Degree & Graduation year: Ed.D. 1993
Alumni Committee(s): Programs & Resources
Number of years on Council: 2

Connect with Carla.

My professional trajectory has been forever shaped by my graduate studies at Teachers College. As a graduate of the Klingenstein Center’s Leadership Academy, I am committed to working for an independent institution that understands the centrality of education in promoting social justice and diversity. My training draws me to schools with a student body and faculty that represent the increasing diversity of our nation. I believe that well-funded schools should serve as a model and resource for students, faculty, and families of under-resourced schools while also appreciating and learning from the best practices used by these schools. I am committed to contributing to the alumni network’s recruitment of teachers to Teachers College who are willing to engage in and forward the public-private discourse. I am also committed to participating in and supporting programs that use the Klingenstein Center’s cohort model to promote leadership development.
In partnership with another Teachers College graduate, Rodney Glasgow, I co-founded the Administrators of Color in the Washington Metropolitan Area (AOC/DMV). I currently serve as the co-convener of the group. We offer support to administrators of color in area independent schools as part of a regional network and cultivate a professional learning community for sharing best practices and engaging in leadership development.

TC Degree & Graduation Year: Private School Leadership, M.A. 2011

CSAttending TC provide me with many opportunities and an amazing alumni network. 

TC Degree & Graduation year: M.A. 2010, Politics and Education
Alumni Committee(s) you serve on: Programs & Resources Committee Co-chair 
Number of years on Council: 2 years

"It was at TC that I became immersed in Deaf Culture for the first time since losing my hearing at age 17.  Through my program—the wonderful professors, classmates, and opportunities—I discovered confidence and direction.  Every single one of those experiences helped shape my identity as a Deaf woman and challenged me to pursue a career in which I would promote inclusion and create opportunities for children and adults with disabilities."

TC Degree & Graduation year:  M.A. & M.E. 2005, Hearing Impairment
Alumni Committee(s) you serve on: Programs and Resources
Number of years on Council:  New Member 2013-2014

Corlisse Thomas-Deberry

2015 New Member Info to Come

TC Degree & Graduation year: M.A. 1996 (Organizational Psychology)
Alumni Committee(s) you serve on: Nominating and Awards & Recognition
Number of years on Council:  3

Connect with Mitchell.

"TC has brought a significant amount of enriching experiences in my career and being a part of the Alumni Council has enabled me to give back and support others as they continue and grow in their career paths."

TC Degree & Graduation year: M.A. 2000 (Social-Organizational Psychology) 
Alumni Committee(s) you serve on: Programs & Resources
Number of years on Council:  2

Connect with Bernardo.

KWWhen I graduated from TC in 1998, I knew I wanted to work in higher education, but I did not anticipate that I would one day do so by representing universities as an attorney.  TC’s focus on meaningful research that is intended to be applied in practice has served me well.  The curriculum in my program at TC placed a great emphasis on diversity, adult education, and counseling adult learners, which I have applied as a college admissions officer, recruiting and executive development consultant, and now as a practicing attorney. I am happy to continue giving back to TC by serving on the Alumni Council because I have gained much from my TC experience.

TC Degree & Graduation Year: Student Personnel Administration, M.A. 1998

"Pursuing doctoral studies in higher education administration at TC enabled me to enter the conversations among scholar-practitioners regarding students and institutions of higher learning across the globe. Ultimately, TC faculty scholarship and their research interests guided my decision to study at TC where the classes and professional seminars helped shape my critical thinking skills as a scholar-practitioner.  They further honed my administrative skills and my ability to create learning environments whereby my undergraduate students' ethical development was nurtured and encouraged.  As a proud alum, I am grateful that I have been able to give back to TC and continue the legacy of Grace Dodge, by being a member of The Grace Dodge Society and by following her example of serving and educating the poor of New York City."

TC Degree & Graduation Year: Ed.D. 1994 | Higher and Postsecondary Education
Alumni Council Committee(s) you serve on: International Outreach, Programs & Resources and Nominating 
Number of years on Council:  10
Connect with Patrick.

John Battles
Irene Buchman
Diana Clark*
Joyce Cowin
Susan Diamond
Joseph Dionne
Delores Friedman
David Gomez
Jonathan Hughes
Claude Mayberry
Patrick McGuire
Andre McKenzie 
John Nolan
Frances O'Connell Rust
Ellen Saxl
Christopher Scott
Sonya Shapiro
Susan Smyth
Elizabeth Stern
Charles D.W. Thompson
Adam Vane
Alice Wilder
Anna Bell Washburn
Robert Weintraub
Dorothy White*


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