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International Alumni Network

In 2000, the Alumni Council launched the International Alumni Network (IAN) to expand the TC community to encompass graduates living outside the United States. The IAN is comprised of representatives from countries in which we have active TC alumni. The IAN provides a much-needed link between our overseas alumni and the college. If you are interested in connecting with alumni in a country other than the US, and there is no IAN Country Representative listed below, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 212-678-3215 or

If you are interested in serving as an IAN Representative for your country and would like more information, please read the job description here. To volunteer, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 212-678-3215 or We hope you will decide to volunteer! Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations if you have any questions.

Country Representatives:

Country Alumni Name
Australia Pamela Theroux (Ph.D. '00)
Australia Jun Zhang (M.A. '12)
Brazil (Sao Paulo) Leticia Lyle (M.A. '11)
Canada (BC) Kevin Cook (M.A. '05)
Canada (Quebec) Karen Greenidge (M.A. '10)
Chile Mauricio Miraglia (M.A. '03)
China (Beijing) Elaine Lee (M.A. '15)
China (Beijing) Yingshi Yang (Ed.D. '09)
China (Beijing) Stephen Tianquan Guo (M.A. '16)
China (Shanghai) Kevin Jian (M.A. '16)
China (Inner Mongolia) Wuyun Gaowa (M.E. '10)
China (Nanjing) Yanan Wang
Colombia (Baranquilla) Luz Lopez (Ph.D. '92)
Colombia (Bogota) Lina Rangel (M.A. '12)
Cyprus Simon Simou (M.A. '98)
Dominican Republic Laura V. Sánchez-Vincitore (PhD. '14)
Egypt Mervat El-Dib (Ed.D. '88)
Georgia  Khatunai Loseliani (M.A. '10)
Greece Elizabeth Fokolos (M.A. '15)
Greece Christina Laskari (M.A. '98)
Hong Kong Erica Lowe (M.A. '07)
India (Delhi) Amrita Bahl (Ed.D. ’13)
Indonesia Felicia Wanandi (M.A. '01)
Israel Tali Yariv-Mashal (Ph.D. '04)
Italy Vasily Popov (M.A. '95)
Japan (Tokyo) | TC Tokyo Alumni Page  Michael Ellis (M.A. '13)
Japan (Tokyo) | TC Tokyo Alumni Page  Emiko Matsui (M.A. '14)
Mexico Carmina Makar (Ed.D. '13)
Mongolia Gerelmaa Amgaabazar (M.A. '04)
Nigeria Elizabeth Eke 
Pakistan Intzar Butt (Ed.D. '11)
Philippines (Pasig City) Nicole Concepcion-Inocencio 
Russia Fatima Tedeyeva (M.A. '98)
Saudi Arabia Patricia Davies (M.A. '04)
Singapore Wendy Goh (PhD '08)
Singapore Tang Heng (Ed.D. '15)
Spain Indira Pallaro (M.A. '14)
Switzerland JulieAnne Dietz (M.Ed. '07)
Taiwan June Chen (Ed.D. '89)
Thailand Chaiwat Kaewphanngam (M.E. '11)
Thailand Porntip Kanjananiyot (M.E. '81)
Turkey Pınar Özbek (M.E. '09)
United Arab Emirates Allen Schaidle (M.A. '16)
United Kingdom Kate Shasha (M.A. '12)

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