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Teachers College, Columbia University
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Missions of the Lab


The overarching research goal of the lab is to develop and test interventions for aphasia that aid communication abilities in person with bilingual and monolingual aphasia. Our treatments primarily focus on improving sentence and discourse production in speech and writing/typing. We also aim to improve assessment and treatment provided via teletherapy and in computer use in general. In addition, we are committed to developing assessment materials for persons with Spanish-English bilingual aphasia, for which there are currently no valid materials.  We also conduct a variety of other types of studies using eye tracking and other methodologies to understand better language processes in adults with and without aphasia.

Education and Mentoring 

A primary goal of the lab is to provide Masters and Doctoral students as well as other interested researchers opportunities to conduct research in the lab and/or to collaborate on projects.  

Clinical Implications

The driving mission of the lab is to develop assessment and treatment protocols and materials to speech-language pathologists to provide them evidence-based options for serving their patients with aphasia. We also aim to work with persons with aphasia and their families within the community.