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About Us

Our program offers degrees in Applied Linguistics or TESOL at the M.A., Ed.M., and Ed.D. levels. Students at each degree level will have the opportunity to:

  • Connect theory with practice. Each of our degree levels allows students to build a uniquely strong theoretical foundation in relevant areas such as language acquisition, second language assessment, and language use, which they are then able to connect to practice through teaching practica or by doing applied research in contexts related to their interests.
  • Participate in a community of scholars. The program’s students and faculty form a tight-knit community of scholars wherein a small student-to-instructor ratio allows for an individualized and personalized academic experience. Student may also interact with their instructors and peers in a number of other academic contexts outside the classroom, including at local and international conferences hosted by the program or at academic and social events hosted by the student-run AL/TESOL Roundtable Organization. See a list of our academic projects and activities here.
  • Engage in professional development.  Our students have many opportunities to take leadership roles in a number of academic groups and activities such as organizing conferences, holding an office our AL/TESOL Roundtable Organization, or sitting on the editorial committee of our Web Journal. Students are also encouraged to pursue professional development by presenting their work in various platforms sponsored by the AL/TESOL program or elsewhere at TC. Finally, for those who are interested, our Mandarin-speaking students have the unique opportunity to supplement their degree with a certificate in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages.
  • Access extensive academic resources. As part of Columbia University, our students have access to 19 libraries, as well as a number of centers and labs that house specialized technology, materials, and archives. The Gottesman Libraries, located at Teachers College, have a broad collection of books and materials relevant to AL and TESOL courses and research areas. In addition, our students have access to a full range of instructional and research support services including films, video and audio recording equipment, and multimedia facilities.
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