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New Students

All new students will be automatically considered for merit-based scholarship points from the TESOL and Applied Linguistics Program. If you wish to be considered for scholarship points, you must apply for Fall term by the priority deadline, usually in January.

Continuing Students

If you wish to be considered for merit-based scholarship points as a continuing student, you must apply to the Applied Linguistics and TESOL Program by the January deadline. This deadline will be announced on the AL and TESOL Listserv.

The Community Language Program Teaching Fellowships: Students admitted into the doctoral program in TESOL or AL will be automatically considered for a CLP Teaching Fellowship. These fellowships provide scholarship points along with a stipend for a period of three years. CLP Fellows will be required to teach in the CLP or take responsibility for a part of the administration, testing, or curriculum.

Fanselow Award: The Fanselow Award is an award of $1,000 available to M.A. students in the AL and TESOL Program in honor of Professor Emeritus John Fanselow. Awards are based on original curriculum designed for TESOL K-12 or TESOL adult populations. Submissions are scored by Teachers College TESOL faculty. The award is given once per year, in the spring.

Conference Travel Grants: The Department of Arts & Humanities offers a stipend for doctoral students presenting at conferences. Students who qualify should contact the AL and TESOL program secretary with the presentation title and the name and date of the conference.

Conference Reimbursement Form

Teaching Opportunities in the Applied Linguistics and TESOL Program

Advanced doctoral students may also be asked to teach a workshop or course as an adjunct instructor.


Teaching Assistantships in the Applied Linguistics and TESOL Program

Advanced doctoral students with exceptional skills may be asked to serve as a teaching assistant for one of the courses or for a lab.


Language Teaching Opportunities

Ed.M. and doctoral students with extensive teaching experience may apply to teach an ESL course or a foreign language course in the Community Language Program, dependent on availability of classes. Remuneration includes a stipend and tuition points.


Research Opportunities

Ed.M. and doctoral students may be invited to participate in a funded research project by faculty who have such funding.


American citizens or residents who have been granted Federal Work-Study funding may occasionally be hired for part-time work. Work-Study hires may have the opportunity to work up to 20 hours/week in various positions throughout the College or in the Applied Linguistics and TESOL Programs. These positions are advertised through Human Resources.

Grants and Fellowships

In the past, our students have recieved college-sponsored grants and fellowships. These have included the Spencer Dissertation Fellowship, OPR Grants, Dean’s Grants, and Diversity Grants. Please see the college catalog’s Scholarships and Grants page and the Office of Financial Aid's Scholarships and Grants page for more details.

Graduate Student Award (GSA)

International Association of Applied Linguistics Solidarity Awards

Educational Testing Service Research Fellowship and Internship Programs

ETS and TOEFL Board
Educational Testing Service and the Test of English as a Foreign Language Board Grants and Awards

Spencer Foundation
Fellowship Awards

International Reading Association
Jeanne S. Chall Grant
Steven Stahl Research Award
Teacher-as-Researcher Awards

Grants and Fellowships from The International Research Foundation for English Language Education

The Albert H. Marckwardt Travel Grants

International English Testing System Grants and Awards

Association Internationale de Linguistique Appliquée Travel Grants

Please see the Working Papers in TESOL and Applied Linguistics Research Funding Organizations page for more opportunities.

Please be informed that this site serves only as a platform to share possible opportunities. While we try our best to update the links, please note that some of the links or information may become obsolete without our knowledge. Hence, you are highly encouraged to research the respective funding opportunities before proceeding with an application. Thank you.