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Art And Art Education

Art & Art Education

In the Department of Arts & Humanities

Edwin Ziegfeld Collection

Image for Edwin ZiegfeldA unique collection of the “Art of Adolescence,” consisting of about 350 selected works by children from 31 countries around the world. Collected and exhibited in 1957, with support from UNESCO, these works provide a resource for study and analysis of both cross-cultural and developmental issues in art education.



Israeli Peace Art Collection

 Answering the question “What would peace look like,” posed shortly after the 1967 war, Jewish and Arab children in Israel produced this collection of 50 drawings and paintings. They provide exceptional opportunity to study the effects of war and political tension on children and children’s art.

Ukrainian Children’s Art Collection

Originally exhibited at Teachers College in 1935, this collection of 24 works presents a view of children’s art under Soviet sponsorship, and is accompanied by an official statement of “socialist” philosophy of art education.

Arthur Dow Collection

Image for Arthur Dow Collection art edOver 300 works by the Teachers College students in the fine arts program in the period approximately 1905-1923, who studied under Professor Arthur Dow, a leader in the arts and crafts movement. The collection provides extensive evidence of the links between Dow’s theories and the actual curriculum experienced by teachers in training; and includes a number of clearly successful works in various media.

Cade Collection

A carefully selected and annotated collection of about 200 drawings by young children. The focus is on stages of child development and the corresponding forms of artistic expression.

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