Studio Art Pedagogy

Studio Art Pedagogy

Note: The Art Pedagogy  area of focus does not lead to New York State P-12 art teacher certification. Students who wish to become certified art teachers should apply to the Art and Art Education Program’s M.A. with Initial Teacher Certification program.

The Art Pedagogy and Teaching  area of focus consists of the courses listed below, which must be taken in addition to other master’s or doctoral requirements:

  • A&HA 4080 - Artistic development of children
  • A&HA 4281 - Field observations (two semesters)
  • A&HA 4088 - Artistic development: Adolescence-adulthood
  • A&HA 4087 - Processes and structures in the visual arts
  • A&HA 4089 - New media new forms: Technological trends in art education
  • A&HA 4081 - Curriculum design in art education
  • A&HA 4102 - Challenging thinking: Lesson planning
  • A&HA 4079 - Exploring cultural diversity: Implications for arts education
  • A&HA 5202 - Fieldwork in art education (optional)

Note: Students who wish to also learn how to become clinical supervisors of art teachers in schools must complete, in addition to the courses above: A&HA 4722 Supervised teaching in art education: Elementary, A&HA 4702 Supervised teaching in art education: Secondary, and A&HA 6520 Seminar in clinical supervision in the arts: K-12. References to this area of focus will not appear on student transcripts or records.


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