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Art And Art Education

Art & Art Education

In the Department of Arts & Humanities

Doctor of Education in Art Education

Minimum Point Requirement: 90

Required Art Education Courses (17 points minimum):

  • A&HA 4080     Artistic development of children (3 points) 
  • A&HA 4088     Artistic development: adolescence to adulthood (3 points)
  • A&HA 4085 Historical foundations of art education (3 points)
  • A&HA 5082 Philosophies of art in education (2-3 points)
  • A&HA 5086 Art in visual culture (2 points)
  • Two studio courses (2-3 points each)


Required Dissertation Seminar Sequence in Art Education (8 points):

  • A&HA 7502 Dissertation seminar (two semesters for 2 points each semester)
  • A&HA 6502 Doctoral seminar (2 points)
  • A&HA 6510 Advanced seminar in art education research (2 points)
  • A&HA 8900 Dissertation advisement (0 points) ongoing, as needed


Suggested Courses in Art Education (up to 39 points in the following or other courses):

  • A&HA 4079 Exploring cultural diversity: Implications for art education (2-3 points) 
  • A&HA 4087     Processes and structures in the visual arts  (3 points)
  • A&HA 4089 New media, new forms (2-3 points)
  • A&HA 4090 Museum education issues I: Culture of art museums (3 points)
  • A&HA 5125 Inquiry-based art and design (2 points) 
  • A&HA 6010 Writing for journal publication in the arts (3 points)
  • A&HA 6003 Critical perspectives and practices in the arts (2 points)
  • A&HA 5081 Advanced curriculum design in art education (2 points)
  • A&HA 6002 Teaching and administration of art education in college (3 points) 
  • A&HA 6482 Internship: Teaching in college/museum programs (3 points) 


Required Research Methods Courses (6-9 points minimum):

  • A&H 5001   Research in arts education (3 points) 
  • Suggested areas: Qualitative methods, narrative methods, interview methods, quantitative methods, visual methods (A&HA 5005 Visual Arts Research Methods)


Required Professional Development (3 points)

Internship Link to Research (3)


Fieldwork Link to Research (3)


Project Link to Research (3)


Presentation Requirement (0 points):

  • Exhibition
  • Publication
  • Conference Presentation


Required courses outside the Program (15 points minimum):

Students in the Ed.D. program must take at least 15 points of coursework offered outside the Art and Art Education Program at Teachers College. Any course that does not start with A&HA qualifies as an out-of-program course. Each of these courses must be taken for at least two (2) credit points.


Students must complete 50-60 points in the program, including those transferred, before entering the first of the dissertation seminars. The first seminar prepares students to write the certification papers. To complete certification, students are also expected to offer a professional presentation. These may include a conference presentation; a published article; a peer-group presentation such as a formal seminar presentation or gallery talk; a Macy Gallery exhibition; or some other equivalent professional performance. The doctoral certification process is accomplished through faculty review; students must complete each level satisfactorily before they are given permission to write the dissertation. Candidates should be in touch with the Office of Doctoral Studies to be certain of complying with the latest procedures and deadlines.

For more information see the EDD Checklist.

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