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Art And Art Education

Art & Art Education

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About how long does each degree typically take to complete?
The length to completion depends on the student and the program. Typically, full-time Master's students take four courses per semester, which means students can expect to complete their degree two full years after they begin the Program. Doctoral students typically complete their degree in four to six years depending on the demands of the dissertation. Please consult with your advisor for a general timetable.

Is the Program more studio-based or academic research-based?
The Program seeks to balance research, theory and studio practice. We have very rich and robust studios offerings.

What types of classes will I be taking?
Depending on the program you are attending, you will be required to take a number of required courses. For example, in order to receive an MA Degree in Art Education, students must complete 34 credit points at Teachers College and write a Special Project. To learn more about the type of classes you will be required to take based on your program, see the “Required Course” section of our Student Handbook.

How can I apply for an assistantship?
There are four different types of assistantships at TC. Each type of assistantship will have different terms and conditions to which you must adhere. To learn more about Graduate Assistantships, please see the “Student Employment"  area of our website.

Students who are interest in learning more about assistantships in the Art & Art Education program should e-mail Ama Acquah at artofc@tc.columbia.edu.  Please be sure to read all the information pertaining to Student Employment where many of your questions will be answered.

How do I apply for scholarships?
Teachers College Columbia University offers a variety of scholarships. To learn more about the application process visit “Merit-Based Aid” under the Financial Aid tab.

How do I apply for campus housing?
Teachers College offers a variety of housing options for single and married students, students with domestic partners, and single parents.
Applying to live on campus is a four-part process that involves submitting your housing application, receiving and accepting your housing contract, selecting your housing preferences, and receiving your assignment. For more information, please refer to the Office of Residential Services:

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