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Art And Art Education

Art & Art Education

In the Department of Arts & Humanities

Master of Arts in Art and Art Education with Initial Teacher Certification

Minimum Credit Point Requirement: 40

2 Years Minimum
Degree level: MA
Major Code: ARTE-INIT

  • A&HA 4079     Exploring cultural diversity: Implications for art education (2 points)
  • A&HA 4080     Artistic development of children (2 points) with co-requisite A&HA 4281 Field observations in art education 1 (1 point)
  • A&HA 4081     Curriculum design in art education (2 points)
  • A&HA 4085     Historical foundations of art education (2 points)
  • A&HA 4087     Processes and structures in the visual arts  (2 points)
  • A&HA 4088     Artistic development: Adolescence to adulthood (2 points) with co-requisite A&HA 4281 Field observations in art education 2 (1 point)
  • A&HA 4089 New media, new forms (2 points)
  • A&HA 4860 Cross-cultural conversations in the arts (1 point)
  • A&HA 4102 Challenging Thinking: Plan Lessons (2 points)
  • A&HA 4702     Supervised student teaching in art education: Secondary (3 points)
  • A&HA 4722     Supervised student teaching in art education: Elementary (3 points)
  • A&HA 4202 edTPA workshop (0 points, with corequisite Supervised Student Teaching)
  • Three studio courses (2 points each) 
  • A&HA 4090     Museum education issues I: Culture of art museums (2 points) or
  • A&HA 5090 Museum education issues II: Missions and standards (2 points) or
  • A&HA 5085 Varieties of visual experience: Museums and education (2 points) or
  • A&HA 5804 Museums as resource (2 points)

Required courses outside the Art Education Program (7 points):

Students in the M.A. with Teacher Certification program must take three (3) courses offered outside the Art and Art Education Program at Teachers College. Any course that does not start with A&HA qualifies as an out-of-program or breadth course. Students going for certification must earn three (3) credits in a Special Education course (required by the NYSDOE for certification) as part of the breadth requirement. Their other two breadth courses must be taken for at least two (2) credit points each. Members of each student teaching cohort are also required to attend student teaching seminars, participate in resource workshops on documenting and evaluating their practicum teaching, and mount a Macy Gallery exhibition combining their own artwork with that of the pupils taught during their practica. Note: To be certified by New York State, there are additional requirements. Please consult the Office of Teacher Education website for details.

Certification Information

To gain Initial Teacher Certification students must:

1. In accordance with the New York State Education Department (NYSED), and as outlined by the Office of Teaching Initiatives (OTI), all students seeking Teacher Certification as a pre-requisite must have completed (3) three undergraduate credits in English, Math, Science, History and Foreign Language. If you have not completed these courses as part of your undergraduate education, you may do so while in the program, or you may choose to take a College Level Examination Program test (CLEP) in addition to your program coursework. (If you have foreign language proficiency, as a result of personal experience, you will be required to document this proficiency through a language CLEP test or through being tested by a Language Professor working within a Language Department of an accredited college or university.) For more information on meeting the Liberal Arts & Sciences Core requirements, please contact the Office of Teacher Education (OTE) at Teachers College.

2. Complete all degree requirements, including two terms of student teaching and 3 credits in Special Education.

3. Get fingerprinted through the New York City Department of Education.

4. Provide proof of negative TB status.

5. Take NY State examinations and fulfill portfolio requirements.

Requirements Beginning with 2013 Graduates: edTPA Performance Assessment (Portfolio), Written Assessments, Content Specialty Test(s), Writing Skills, Educating All Students

6. Complete online tutorial: Child Abuse and Violence Detection.

Students will receive all pertinent information to complete items 1-6 in the Supervised Teaching seminar.

For more information see the MA Init Checklist.


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