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January 16-February 1, 2018

Reception: February 1, 5pm-7pm

Through layering, distortion, destruction, and the interplay of new and traditional media, this exhibition by students of painting instructor Jun Gao explores doublespeak, a concept originating out of George Orwell's novel 1984.

Where Are They Now?

June 19 - July 17, 2017

Nicole Elaine Avery reunites with five of her former junior high school students who participated in her Master's Thesis study at TC in 1999 with an exhibition that reflects each artist's creative trajectory from 1999 to present.

Reception: Friday, June 23, 5-7pm

Where Are They Now‌ 

Museum Scenes

June 19 - July 17, 2017

Works by Juyoung Yoo inspired by people's engagements and experiences with artworks in museums.

Reception: Friday, June 23, 5-7pm

Museum Scenes‌ 

Rita Gold Children’s Art

May 24–Jun 14

An exhibition of artistic explorations, experiments, and adventures led by infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Reception: Fri, Jun 2, 4-6pm

Rita Gold 2017 

Student Teachers 2017

May 1–18

Student Teacher 17

Artworks by elementary and secondary students from the classrooms of graduating MA with certification student teachers.

Reception: Sun May 7, 1-3pm

Apr 3–27

Studio Works Spring 2017

Ceramics, Printmaking, Photography and New Media: Selected student artwork from Teachers College studio courses.

Reception: Apr 6, 5-7pm

Feb 27–Mar 29

Envisioning Pedagogy


Works by artist-researchers exploring tactile and digital materials in visualizing research problems, mapping related literature, constructing conceptual/interpretive frameworks, and creating visual research portraits.

Reception: Tuesday, Feb 28, 5:30-7:30pm

Playful Rebellion

Playfull Rebellion

Jan 18–Feb 17

KwanTaeck Park and Andrew Corpuz share their observations on art education research and rebellion through various media.

Reception: Feb 2, 5-7pm

Studio Works: Fall 2016

Dec 6–22

Studio Work Fall 16

Painting, Drawing and Sculpture: Selected student artwork from Teachers College studio courses.

Reception: Dec 8, 5-7pm

Brushes with History: Mapping the History of Art Education

Nov 15-Dec 1

 Brushes with History

Guided by Renee Sandell’s Form+Theme+Context (FTC)TM Palette, the exhibition will feature visual maps that decode and encode the history of art education through representations of students’ professional roots, orientation and entry to the field of art education.
Reception: Nov 175-7pm

Themis and Aphrodite (Justice and Beauty): Myers Art Prizes 2016

Oct 24–Nov 11

postcard for myers prize macy gallery exhibition

A juried Art and Art Education student exhibition exploring the relationship between justice and beauty.

Reception: Nov 3, 5-7pm

Arab Spaces

Oct 24–Nov 11

Macy gallery poster for arab spaces

Recent photographs by Dina Lutfi document and explore people and environments in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, depicting public spaces to provide a visual experience of life in Arab communities.

Reception: Nov 3, 5-7pm

Negotiated Realities

Oct 7-20

A‌n exhbition of socially responsive art that explores and illuminates invisible histories, political and environmental issues, and the reclaiming of self within communities.

Opening Reception: Oct 6, 5-7pm

macy gallery postcard for negotiated realities exhibition

September Primer

Sept 7–29

As a kick-off to the 2016-2017 school year, the Macy Art Gallery will hold its annual open call art exhibition. 

Opening Reception: Sept 15, 5-7pm

exhibition image for september primer

Haft Land

Sept 7–29

A new body of work by Mahbobe Ghods inspired from the Kooh Rang mountains in Iran, home to “Bakhtiari,” an ancient nomadic tribe living for centuries there.

Reception: Sept 15, 5-7pm

Haft Land flyer image for macy gallery exhibition

Always On Never Off

August 12th to September 2nd.

Always on never off macy gallery posterOpening Reception: Friday, August 12th 5-8pm
A diverse group exhibition inspired by new media forms, including digital art, stop-motion animation, sound and audio design, experimental video, scanography, sculpture, and social media art work.
Exhibiting Artists include Ivan Asin, Ginger Chen, Safia Fatimi, Christian Gregory, Catherine Lan, CJ Reilly III, Yuliya Skurska, Aliyah Taylor, and Bibi Tran. 
Please visit: for more information. 

The Fluidity of Gender by Linda Stein

The Fluidity of Gender features work by the artist Linda Stein

Join us in the Macy Gallery on July 14th for the Reception and Body-swapping for our new exhibition "The Fluidity of Gender: Sculpture by Linda Stein."

July 6 - August 5, 2016

Opening Reception, July 14th 5-7pm

poster for the fluidity of gender exhibition

RoadWork 2/TC

In November 2014, a group of faculty and doctoral students from Teachers College Columbia University (TC) carried out a collaborative art based research project with the Art Center of South Florida (ACSF). The project took its inspiration from the many new and rather colorful building sites around the City which led members to wonder about the effects of such physical transformations on the memories of inhabitants. Hence, RoadWork, Memories Under Construction was born. 

RoadWork 1/Miami was reconstructed in the Macy Art Gallery in the form of an installation demonstrating how art practice can also be conceived as a significant research inquiry. While looking back to Miami in 2014 the RaodWorks team looked forward to 2016 envisioning Teachers College, its community and environment as the focus for collecting new memories under construction and moving practice research forward. As part of the exhibition the team invited faculty, students and neighbors to engage in conversation, dialogue and drawing as data for RoadWork 2/TC. 




Photo by Dianne Shumway

Student Teachers

May 2-20, 2016

Opening Reception: Sun May 15, 1-3pm.

Artworks by elementary and secondary students from the classrooms of graduating MA with Certification student teachers. Curated by Dr. Iris Bildstein, Coordinator of Student Teaching in collaboration with the Masters of Art with Initial Certification Graduating Class or 2016. 

Paisley Kang, Brianna Pitts, Amanda Alexander, MiJoung Park, Hannah Hwang, Hannah Lokken, Jenoice Baxter, Katherine Cissel Nix, Ashley Cavadas, Alden Reiss, Nina Shoshana Wish, Valerie Garcia, Anne Byrne, Nicole Raneri.

front page of flyer for student teacher exhibition

Studio Works 2016

Apr 4-Apr 28, 2016

Ceramics, Printmaking, Photography and New Media: Selected student artwork from Teachers College studio courses. 

Opening Reception: April 7, 5-7pm.

post card for studio works exhibition ‌‌

Toeing the Line

March 7th - 31st, 2016

Influenced by her Danish heritage, artist Line Bruntse offers humorous commentary on the intersection of women's hand-work and architecture. 

image from toeing the line exhibition macy gallery art ed 

In Conversation

March 7th - 31st, 2016

A diverse group exhibition inspired by a series of studio interviews with contemporary female artists based in New York, curated by Stephanie Buhmann.

post card from in conversation exhibition at macy gallery

Rita Gold Children's Art

Feb 15-Mar 3. 2016

An exhibition showcasing the artistic explorations, experiments, and adventures of infancts, toddlers, and preschoolers. 

Opening Reception: Fri Feb 26, 3:30-5:30pm

Experience of (Dis) Connection

Jan 19-Feb 9, 2016

Two doctoral students explore aspects of "reality" through a variety of media, while also bringing attention to the details of everyda life and unfolding layers of awareness. 

Opening Reception: Fri Feb 5, 5-7pm

Studio Works 2015

Nov 24-Dec 18, 2015

Painting, Drawing and Sculpture: Selected student artwork from Teachers College studio courses. 

Opening Reception: Dec 3, 5-7pm

Collective Materiality - A DIY Community Artmaking Experience

October 2-19, 2017

Reception: October 5, 5pm-7pm

Co-produced by Professor Mary Hafeli, instructor of Processes and Structures in the Visual Arts and doctoral student Sohee Koo, instructor of Sculpture as Making, this exhibition invites community members to help create evolving, onsite collective artworks in response to open-ended questions, prompts, and provocations.‌

Collective Materiality - A DIY Community Artmaking Experience

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