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Bilingual/Bicultural Education

In the Department of Arts & Humanities

MA in Bilingual/Bicultural Childhood Education (Transitional B)

Transitional B (Peace Corps)  - 33 Points (Minimum)

  • Leading to Initial Certification in Childhood (1-6) and the Bilingual Extension
  • Optional Middle Childhood Extension Certification (5-9)
  • This program of study is only available to students in the TC Peace Corps Fellows program. Students begin in the summer with the Peace Corps Fellows Program intensive, and consult with their advisor on what summer courses to take.


  • If you already have your own classroom, take Student Teaching for 3 credits. If you need a classroom placement, you must take Student Teaching for 4 credits.
  • Initial certificate students must complete a 100-hour fieldwork. Please check the fieldwork hour requirements.

Required Courses

Summer I - Introductory Component

  • C&T xxx Literacy Instruction (3 points)
  • choose an out-of-program elective (2-3 points)
  • All other non-credit workshops offered by the Peace Corps Fellows Program (0 points)
  • A&HB xxx Summer Course offering - Varies from year to year (1-3 points)

Fall I - Childhood, Culture, Language and Education

  • A&HB 4021 Foundations of Bilingual/Bicultural Education (3 points)
  • A&HB 4121 Bilingual/Bicultural Curriculum Design: Social Studies (3 points)
  • A&HB 4801-04 Language Workshops in Bilingual Education (1 point)

Spring I - Curriculum for Teaching Bilingual/Bicultural Children

  • A&HB 4024 Linguistic Foundations of Bilingual/Bicultural Education (3 points)
  • A&HB 4028 Teaching Literacy in Bilingual Settings (3 points)
  • A&HB 4133 Curriculum & Methods for Bilingual Ed: Science (1-3 points)
  • A&HB 4134 Curriculum & Methods for Bilingual Ed: Math (1-3 points)

Fall II - Teaching Children

  • A&HB 4150 Teacher Inquiry: Bilingual Education (1-3 points)
  • A&HB 4323 Practicum in Bilingual Education (3-4 points)
  • A&HL 4076 or equiv TESOL Methodologies for K-6 (3 points)

Spring II - Teaching Bilingual Children

  • A&HB 4020 Foundations of Bilingual Special Education (3 points)
  • A&HB 4075 Cross-Cultural Communication & Classroom Ecology (3 points)

Additional Requirement for NY State Certification

  • HUDK 4022 Developmental Psychology: Childhood (3 points)
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