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English Education

English Education

In the Department of Arts & Humanities

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Welcome to the Program in English Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Our website will introduce you to the eight different degree tracks that are sponsored by our Program. These tracks cover three different doctoral degree sub-programs and five different masters degree sub-programs. While each of our degree sub-programs overlaps significantly with others, each one also has unique features in the learning opportunities it affords its students and in the students whose needs it serves. 

Taken together, our highly diverse student body across our eight sub-programs in English education numbers roughly 200 students in total, constituting a community of graduate students that we believe to be unmatched in the English speaking world for the talent and accomplishment exhibited by these students in their various roles as writers and readers, as prospective English teachers, as veteran classroom practitioners, as teacher-educators, and as developing researchers.  

If you are interested in applying to any of the eight sub-programs that are sponsored by our English Education Program and have questions about our programs or your qualifications to enter them, don’t hesitate to contact any of our faculty members or our student program assistant.  We are all happy to discuss our Program with prospective applicants. You can learn about our faculty and how to contact us individually by looking at the faculty profiles on this website. To contact our student Program Assistant send an email message with your questions and concerns to pa_enged@tc.columbia.edu

We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you. 


Sheridan Blau,  Professor of Practice 
Program in English Education
Department of Arts & Humanities