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English Education

English Education

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Centers & Projects

Center for the Professional Education of Teachers

The Center for the Professional Education of Teachers (CPET) is an organization based out of Teachers College, Columbia University that is devoted to advancing global capacities in teacher education, research, and whole school reform. CPET advocates excellence and equity in education through direct service to youth and educators, innovative school projects that promote students’ Write to Achieve, international research that examines and advocates the highest quality instructional and assessment practices today, and sustainable school partnerships that leverage current policy and mandates to raise literacy levels and embed collaborative communities of learning. Uniting theory and practice, CPET promotes rigorous and relevant scholarship and is committed to making excellent education accessible worldwide.

Civic Participation Project

The Civic Participation Project at Teachers College is an interdisciplinary hub for bringing together participatory work going on campus wide. CPP’s co-directors are Lalitha Vasudevan, Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz, and Laura Smith.

We ask: Can academic scholarship become a force that promotes the broad access of all citizens to social platforms, opportunities, and resources? As a contemporary exemplar of the College’s historic commitments to inclusion, CCP’s aim is to demonstrate that the answer is yes.

This question and its answer are unmistakably aspirational, but they are not merely so. Our aims are premised in specific elements of the work that we do and the events that we organize, yet they also connect both concretely and philosophically to conceptions of authentic inclusive democracy. Generally speaking, we enact our aims by bringing a multifaceted, participatory, inclusive emphasis to bear upon our work: our scholarly interests within the fields of education and psychology, the methods by which we study them, and the academic settings and systems in which these exist.

Literacy Unbound

As a professional development program of CPET, Literacy Unbound brings teachers together as creative collaborators to re-imagine reading, writing, listening, and speaking through multiple modalities. 

Our approach integrates reading, writing and discussion with artistic experimentation through drama, music, dance, film, and visual art. With the help of guest teaching artists, teachers step into reading and writing through improvisational sound and movement, experimenting with the layering of mode and medium, the interplay between physical and digital space and the remixing of text on text.  Through our work, we hope to challenge the traditional divide between the "core academic subjects" and the arts, the curricular and the extra curricular. While many arts integration organizations work only with students, we believe that by positioning this work as teacher education, we can create enduring practices with sustainable impact.

Maxine Greene Archiving Project for TC's Pocket Knowledge

The Maxine Greene Archiving Project for TC's Pocket Knowledge is an organic, ongoing project. The so-named "M.Archive" is the most recent and voluminous addition to the already existing “Maxine Greene Collection” in the digital archive known as “Pocket Knowledge” at Teachers College, Columbia University. 

The “M.Archive” contains materials that Maxine Greene herself authorized from her personal trove of memorabilia. These multiple and newly added “Pockets” and “Sub-Pockets” thus represent a fascinating compilation of scanned materials from her long, rich, nuanced, and inspiring life. This particular archiving effort was supported by a TC Provost’s Grant awarded to Janet L. Miller, Professor, and Olga Hubard, Associate Professor, both in the Department of Arts & Humanities, and was accomplished too with the considerable assistance of Maya Pindyck and Beth Semaya, doctoral students in English Education during the 2015-16 and 2016-2017 academic years.

Racial Literacy Lecture Series

The Racial Literacy Lecture Series was created to bring thought leaders on the topic of race in education to Teachers College. Through unique presentation formats which include interactive, soul-stirring facilitation/performances, scholars will engage participants in a discussion on race (and topics related to race) through a creative approach!

Racial Literacy Roundtables

Racial Literacy Roundtables (RLR) seek to foster open dialogue about race, issues pertaining to race, language difference, and sexual orientation, primarily among pre-service and in-service teachers across the college. Conceptualized as a peer-to-peer forum, RLRs hope to bring together students and faculty across departments to discuss the different topics.

School Tales: Online Research and Repository Initiative (STORRI)

STORRI is a website designed to attract, share, unpack, engage, and celebrate stories of “wobble” that teachers tell about the complexity of contemporary classrooms. Through STORRI, teachers and teacher educators will have opportunities to write about moments in their practices when their belief systems wobbled.

What we mean by wobble is something happened in the classroom that compelled you to pay attention, to stop and think, to raise a question, to open yourself to other perspectives.

By collecting these stories, we hope to provide other angles on classrooms, ones that show the inter-workings between students and teachers.

Why story? Through story, we can help others learn about the messiness of classrooms, the joy learning, the importance of drawing meaning from the moments that challenge us.

Student Press Initiative

Founded in 2002, the Student Press Initiative (SPI) is part of CPET. Part professional development, part-artist collaboration and part non-for-profit publisher, SPI’s mission is to revolutionize education by advancing teacher leadership in reading and writing instruction.

We work in partnership with teachers and school communities to share ideas for how to better plan and produce all-inclusive learning experiences that culminate with students “going public” with their learning. 

Drawing on a wealth of research, resources, and talent from Teachers College, our consultants help teachers build and facilitate units that provide opportunities to address audiences outside of the classroom and link content-area reading and writing skill development with the excitement of real-world learning. Through publication, we raise the bar for what, how, and why students write.