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English Education

English Education

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Master of Education in TEACHING OF ENGLISH (ENGL)

Master of Education (Ed.M., 60 credits)

The Ed.M. program is a 60-credit advanced master’s program to which students may transfer up to 30 credits of prior graduate-level study. Requirements in the Ed.M. program are flexible. Aside from three required research methods courses and A&HE 5504: Research paper: Teaching of English, students select, in consultation with a faculty advisor, an array of courses that facilitate their intellectual and professional goals.

General Coursework Requirement

Depending upon the number of credits transferred in, students must complete between 15 and 45 credits at the A&HE 4000, A&HE 5000, and A&HE 6000 levels. Students transferring up to 30 credits must take most of their courses at the more advanced A&HE 5000 and A&HE 6000 levels. It is possible to substitute a 12-15 credit specialization in an area other than English Education and/or one graduate-level course at Columbia University with an academic faculty advisor’s approval.

Research Methods Courses

At least 9 credits (three courses) of research methods must be completed for the Ed.M. degree. Although courses may include both quantitative and/or qualitative methods, we recommend that at least one course represent study in the area of qualitative research. At least one course should be taken from the research offerings in the English Education Program; the two other courses may be taken in any department at Teachers College.

A&HE 5504. Research paper: Teaching of English

The research paper for A&HE 5504, required of all Ed.M. students, is the core of the Ed.M. program. The purpose of this paper is to evidence the student’s ability to conduct independent research. It entails work that results in an original synthesis of a broad reading of theory and research. The A&HE 5504 research paper typically includes:

(a) A rationale for the project and demonstration of an understanding of the literature of the field related to the topic(s) undertaken;

(b) A pilot study, including data gathering and analysis and justification of research methods employed;

(c) A critique of the pilot study, including the student’s reflections on the study’s design and methodology as well as research strengths and weaknesses; and

(d) Implications relevant to the student’s future research.