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Music and Music Education

Music & Music Education

In the Department of Arts & Humanities

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About Our Students

Students of the Music and Music Education program comprise a diverse constituency of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, experiences, and musical and educative interests. Whether classical or jazz, vocalist or instrumentalist, early childhood or college teaching, students learn from and with one another in a constructivist and open environment.

The student experience consists of meaningful music making and learning. The program aims to deepen the capacities of each student in their approach to teaching, research, and performance through creative explorations and systematic inquiry from both individual and collective perspectives.

Each degree program includes core courses in comprehensive areas, along with a breadth of courses from across the College meant to empower graduates to shape and lead their educational communities in musically meaningful ways. Beyond the core, students have flexibility to plan with their advisor individual programs designed to meet particular needs and goals. Students in the degree programs are preparing for the following positions, among many others:

  • Teacher and administrator of music in colleges and universities
  • Teacher of music in studios, public, and private schools
  • Researcher and teacher-educator of music in institutions of higher learning
  • Teacher, curriculum specialist, and teacher-educator in interdisciplinary areas of arts and humanities, music and special education, new technology in music education, and adult education