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Teachers College, Columbia University
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Music and Music Education

Music & Music Education

In the Department of Arts & Humanities

Musical Communities @ Teachers College

Music Explorers (Ages 5-7)

Join us in:

  • Singing and playing familiar tunes
  • Improvising and composing
  • Reading music and playing  by-ear
  • Learning to play the violin and piano
  • Performing in an ensemble as a “band” member

10 sessions at Teachers College, Columbia University for $100

Classes are taught by Teachers College students supervised by Dr. Lori Custodero. Parent/Caregiver attendance and involvement is an important part of the learning experience.

Enrollment is limited. Register today!

To Register:

  1. Fill out Registration Form.

  2. Pay registration fee here.

Mission & Philosophy

Music is a social experience, facilitating shared experiences and collaboration, strengthening relationships. Music learning is engaging, offering cognitive physical, and communicative challenges adaptable to individual needs. Music making is a creative act, providing opportunities for imaging and realizing possibilities in sound.

Our mission is to create music teaching and learning environments, which value music making nurtured over the lifespan. We aim to maintain diverse musical traditions while honoring the core pedagogical commitments to 1) playing and singing with others; 2) challenging learners to recognize and respond skillfully and meaningfully to musical potential; and 3) encouraging variation and innovation through composition and improvisation.


What do we do if we know we’re going to be absent?

Please email the Musical Communities Coordinator, Lindsey Castellano, She will notify the teachers, who will email with information on what was missed in class.

Why do parents need to attend the classes?

We feel that parent participation is important, especially in the early years. Your presence signals value, and you can see firsthand the ways in which teaching and learning occurs. We consider this to be a family education experience; each week you will be provided with strategies and hopefully contribute by sharing your ideas on how to extend the music making at home.

Location and Contact

525 W. 120th St., Room 435 Horace Mann

Lindsey Castellano,, (570) 352-6506



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