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Philosophy & Education

In the Department of Arts & Humanities

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Ph.D. in Philosophy and Education

The Doctor of Philosophy degree program is flexible and responsive to individual student backgrounds and needs. Each student takes responsibility, in consultation with his or her advisor, for designing a course of study that will meet the program requirements while catering to the individual’s interests and professional goals.

At the center of that course of study are the program’s research and professional development curriculum and other classes in philosophy and education. In addition to the required 36 points in Philosophy and Education courses, students are also required to do coursework in the following areas: 12 points in philosophy, through the Columbia Philosophy Department or Inter-University Doctoral Consortium, foundations of education, and educational breadth. These requirements are modest, leaving room for students to craft a personalized course of study. Additionally, 18 points in the Philosophy and Education requirements are in the program’s professional development sequence.

Students should also contact the Office of Doctoral Studies about university and college-wide requirements, procedures, and deadlines for doctoral students. The doctoral programs require students to demonstrate reading proficiency in one of the following languages: French, German, Greek, or Latin. In rare cases, such as for writing the dissertation, another language can be approved in consultation with program faculty.  

For inquiries about doctoral studies, please contact the Program Director and Coordinator of Doctoral Studies, Professor David Hansen.