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Continuing Professional Development

CIFLTE periodically offers workshops on research methodology, language acquisition, and/or best instructional practices.  


>>Complex Dynamic Systems: Putting the psychology of the learner into motion<<

Presenter: Dr. Peter MacIntyre (Cape Breton University, Canada)

Date: September 27th, 2019

Location: 138 Horace Mann, Teachers College, Columbia University

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The toolbox of concepts available from complex dynamic systems perspective allows for new approaches to conceptualizing what is happening as language learners engage with the learning and communication process. In this presentation we will examine how psychological concepts such as anxiety, motivation and willingness to communicate are typically conceptualized and then how they can be viewed from a complex dynamic systems perspective. But conceptualization is only the first part of the process, we also need practical approaches to studying those processes if we are to make progress in understanding what is happening in the minds of learners. The second part of this presentation will review methods that are being developed to take a look at learners from a dynamic perspective. The Idiodynamic method, which has been used in both research and teaching applications, will be described and demonstrated.


Dr. Peter D. MacIntyre is a professor of psychology at Cape Breton University in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. His primary research focus lies in the psychology of communication processes, in both the native and second languages. Peter’s research on Willingness to Communicate, Language Anxiety, and Motivation has been widely cited and supported by multiple grants from SSHRC, as well as funding from CFI and NSRIT among others.  He has been working on the innovative idiodynamic method to develop a real time understanding of emotions and cognition during communication. His research extends into the community through the GPI Glace Bay project and studies of volunteerism.

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