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Continuing Professional Development

CIFLTE periodically offers workshops on research methodology, language acquisition, and/or best instructional practices.  


>>Workshop Series: Use of Technology in a Chinese Language Classroom<<

Instructor: Dr. Zhongqi Shi (EALAC, Columbia University)


  • Workshop I: July 12, 2020
  • Workshop II: August 3, 2020

Time: TBA

Location: Online via Zoom (register to receive meeting ID)

Registration Fee: 

  • Single Workshop: $50
  • Workshop I + II: $80

To register:

Workshop Descriptions:

Workshop I:《从黑板到白板:科技手段辅助下的中文课堂教学》

Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) ,即电脑辅助语言教学,已经成为现代语言教学不可或缺的组成部分。本讲座包含三大部分:一、从CALL的发展过程入手,纵览式地介绍CALL在不同阶段的特点和模式;二、结合二语习得的主流理论,探讨CALL在二语教学和研究中的用武之地;三、从课堂实例出发,介绍在常规课堂环境下如何发挥CALL的独特优势。 

Workshop II: 《从线下到线上:中文老师如何应对在线教学新常态》



Dr. Zhongqi Shi is a Senior Lecturer in Chinese and the Associate Director of the Chinese Language Program at Columbia University. His research interests include Goal Setting Theory of Motivation, Instructional Technology in Education, and Teaching Chinese for Special Purposes.

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