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Meet Our Students: Richard

Today we are pleased to introduce you to one of our full-time summer students, Richard! Read on to learn why he chose the program and what advice he has for students considering the program.

Name: Richard

Hometown: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Background: I attended Gordonstoun School and thereafter the University of Aberdeen, in the United Kingdom. Graduating first with a MA (Hons) degree in International Relations & Politics, I subsequently graduated with a LLB degree in Law.

I started my career in China where I worked, in the international trade and development industry, as a special projects manager. I then made the move into education. I have spent the last five years working as an instructor in the Korean public school system and as a lecturer and interim curriculum and foundation year manager at Pearson’s flagship vocational education and training college in Saudi Arabia.

Why did you chose the TESOL Certificate Program?

I chose the TESOL Certificate Program to get a better understanding of TESOL classroom practices, pedagogical English grammar, intercultural communications, second language acquisition and assessment. I was also keen to spend the summer, in New York, teaching ESL students at Teachers College.

What has been your favorite class and why?

It is impossible to single out one particular class. I have found all of the subjects, taught as part of the program, to be incredibly informative, interesting and enjoyable. The classes have also deepened my understanding of TESOL and made me a far more effective classroom teacher.

What are your career goals?

I would like to complete a course of further study before going on to work with students who have special educational needs. In the longer term, I am keen to build a career overseas in international development.

What advice do you have for prospective TCP students?

The standards are high and you should expect to find the program challenging. Take the course seriously, prepare well and seek advice from your mentor or teachers if you need it. Everyone is committed to ensuring that you succeed and have a productive and positive experience at Teachers College. Above all, enjoy yourself! It’s a wonderful opportunity to work with some amazing people at one of America’s most prestigious teacher training colleges.