“For the past two years, I have had the privilege of serving as an instructor in the TESOL Certificate Program (TCP).  In that time, I have had an intimate opportunity to see what makes the TCP program truly exceptional.  All aspects of the program (i.e., from initial inquiries through the culminating events) are grounded in the premise of individualized care and treatment of each and every student.  The previous experiences/backgrounds and future goals of each learner are accounted for in providing a holistic approach which will best serve all program participants.  Additionally, throughout the program, there is a thoughtful and detailed integration of theory and practice, allowing students to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the most seminal pedagogical approaches and how these approaches might be optimally incorporated within a variety of ESOL and/or EFL contexts. In the Practicum (methods) part of the program, students are fully supported by skilled professionals, allowing them to develop the skills and expertise needed to impart instruction in a highly impactful manner. I highly recommend Teacher College’s TCP program to anyone who intends to optimize his/her own development in this wonderful field!”