“During my years as a mentor in the TESOL Certificate Program, one strongly held belief about teaching and learning has been reinforced - namely, that learning is a collaborative, bi-directional process. As mentors, we may see ourselves as seasoned teachers, but we are still lifelong learners. In the TESOL Certificate Program I have had the privilege to be a “teacher-learner,” - to borrow the words from Paulo Freire. I have learned a great deal from my mentees because together, as a cohesive group, we brainstorm lesson ideas, design communicative and meaningful activities, carefully plan their implementation, incorporate one another’s feedback , and finally deliver instruction on a Friday morning with welcoming smiles and pulsating energy that is felt even a remote environment.  I have had mentees who were experienced teachers from other disciplines, as well as individuals who were  newcomers. Despite our diverse educational and professional backgrounds, we come together as one, both inside a classroom (physically or remotely) and outside as we exchange ideas for upcoming lessons. In the end, we are one team that unites to provide our students with the most rewarding learning experience possible.”