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Attending the MA Program After the TCP: One Student's Experience

One of the advantages of the TCP is the ability to transfer 3-6 credits to the TESOL MA program at Teachers College. Meet Kathryn, a recent TCP alumna who is now enrolled in the MA program at TC and see how the TCP helped prepare her for her studies!

The TESOL Certificate Program is a non-credit, non-degree program. However, students who complete the program and are accepted into the TC TESOL MA Program receive three to six transfer credits* added to their transcript in their final semester when all other MA coursework is complete. Read on for the experiences of a recent TCP alumna who is now pursuing her master's at TC!

Name: Kathryn

Hometown: Hoboken, NJ

Background: B.A. in Sociology from School of General Studies, Columbia University, 2009

Why did you choose the TESOL Certificate Program?

I researched different certificate programs in the New York City area with the hopes of attaining some skills which would allow me to work abroad eventually. I was skeptical about the programs which offered certification in just one or two weekends. Although the TC program was more expensive, I chose it because it seemed much more thorough and because I had faith in the quality of education at Columbia. I am very happy with my choice, especially after starting the M.A. program.

How did the TCP help prepare you for your time in the degree program?

The TCP prepared me well for the work I am doing in my first semester in the M.A. program, particularly Classroom Practices. I have already had experiences writing detailed lesson plans, for example, which some of my classmates are doing for the first time. I am familiar with communicative language techniques (i.e., warm up activities, think/pair/share, etc.) which are just being introduced to some of the other students. Although the Pedagogical Grammar course I am taking now is more in depth, the Grammar section of the TCP certainly has come in useful. (I am part time, so I have not taken Second Language Assessment or Second Language Acquisition yet.)

What are your career goals after the program?

My goal is still to teach abroad – hopefully someplace warm!

What advice do you have for prospective TCP students?

The TCP is an amazing program; be prepared to work hard. You will get out what you put in. I made the mistake of assuming that the “online” part would be easier – not the case. The program is very time consuming, but worth the effort. Good luck!


*For the TESOL General Track and Applied Linguistics program, three credits will go toward the Classroom Practices course requirement and three credits toward a TESOL/AL elective. For the TESOL K-12 track, three credits will go toward the TESOL/AL elective. Due to tight state certification requirements, there are no other possible substitutions allowed in this track.