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Teachers College, Columbia University
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Bilingual Extension Institute

2009 Institute

Bilingual Extension Institute: May 2009 - December 2009 

Teachers College, Columbia University

Meets the requirements of NYSED for the Bilingual Extension Certificate to the Teacher of Speech and Language Disabilities teaching certificate. 
Bilingual SLPs who practice outside of NYS who want to develop their knowledge and skills in providing appropriate services for multilingual and multicultural children and adolescents are welcome. 

Director: Catherine J. Crowley, J.D., Ph.D., CCC-SLP


The 32 students of the 2009 cohort were a great group. They work in schools, agencies, and private practices in New York City; Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk counties; New Jersey; and Maryland. As always the vast majority of students spoke Spanish. Students in this group also spoke Japanese, Haitian Creole, and Greek.
Saori Anshita, Patricia Benenati, Magda Carranza, Ana Contreras Lopez, Ruth Cueva Paredes, Rosa Elizabeth DIaz Munoz, Martha Escobar, Mariel Fernandez, Daniel Gil, Jesenia Gonzalez, Ana Guerrero, Pablo Jimenez, Kima Johnson, Karen Kerr, Isabel Lawrence, Janet Leiva Paredes, Cindy Lindo, Rosa Mannozzi, Vassi Markov-Gerasimou, Elizabeth Martinez de Gomez, Eileen McGarvey, Catherine Moore, Milagros Morales, Jessica Morrice-Porrino, Stacy Renelique, Jessebell Reyes, Rosalba Rochio, Claudia Siguenza, Rosamond Simeonidis, Dana Torres-Burns, Sandra Vidal.
(Cate Crowley, Faride Suarez, and Rosanna Gutierrez  joined the students for the group photo.)
At the end of the last day of class, everyone gathered in the computer lab. Faride Suarez, TC’s Associate Director of teacher certification, walked all the students through the on-line NYSED TEACH application process. Now all are on the NYSED TEACH system and are ready to receive their bilingual extension certificates.

   As had happened throughout the entire Institute, this group worked as a team, one learning from the other until everyone had figured out how to apply for the bilingual extension certificate, or how to contact Faride Suarez with their questions.
                   When we were finally finished, there was a great sense of happiness and accomplishment.
  This group of 32 leave the Bilingual Extension Institute
  with the knowledge and skills needed to  provide              
  culturally and linguistically appropriate services
  to their students/clients/patients. Each one knows that
  they have a responsibility to take on leadership roles in
  their work and profession. They will do this by sharing
  what they have learned with colleagues, by continuing
  to develop their informed clinical opinion, and by holding
  themselves and others to the standard our 
  students/clients/patients deserve. In sum, they finally know how to click their ruby slippers!
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