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Bilingual Extension Institute

Institute Evaluations

Student evaluations of the Institute

Every weekend students are asked to evaluate the content of the weekend. On the last weekend of the Institute, students are asked to review specific aspects of the Institute and the Institute overall. Based upon these evaluations, the Institute is reviewed and changes are implemented to ensure a quality program.

The following comments were taken from the final evaluations and are representative of student feedback:

  • "In the past 8 months I have learned so much. I feel truly better equipped to assess and evaluate children (monolingual and bilingual). I feel fortunate to have gained the knowledge at TC. Thank you." N.S. 
  • "The knowledge and skills obtained during the BEI is priceless." E.P.F.
  • "The Institute was the most meaningful and relevant course I have ever taken in my educational careen. It was intense, challenging yet obtainable. Every aspect helped me." C.R. 
  • "The Institute was an intense experience!!! I learned a lot about bilingualism, ELLs, and evaluations. Although it was an excessive amount of work, I do realize why it was all necessary. All the pieces of the puzzle FIT!" Anon.
  • "I received a wealth of info and knowledge from this course." I.Z. 
  • "I loved the classes because they were really interesting, helpful, and dynamic." Anon.
  • "The whole knowledge acquired during this course will change (it already has changed) my practice." E.R.
  • "I found this course one of the most comprehensive and useful courses I have ever taken, and I have taken many courses in my life." M.S. 
  • "The Institute was intense, one of the hardest things I’ve done after childbirth. But just like childbirth, the outcome was well worth it. I feel like the knowledge I received has changed the way I will conduct my therapy. I now feel like it is my responsibility to advocate and educate. I fell armed with all the laws, methods, and training." A.G.
  • "I have made a phenomenal investment in my professional career. I am very happy to report the the Institute has prepared me very well in almost every topic of speech language development and bilingualism. Doubts and questions I had prior to attending the Institute have been answered with great research and lectures. The projects were very valuable to do. Yes, a lot of work, but definitely worth it. It is a superb and complete program." J.G.
  • "Honestly speaking the course was excellent! The knowledge that I have acquired will definitely always stay with me and has made me a much better practicing clinician. I have been in the field for approximately six years and I am embarrassed to say that I have learned things that I had no idea were out there. I am looking forward to sharing all this knowledge with my fellow colleagues." V.M.
  • "This program was absolutely wonderful. I feel that in the past 6 weekends, I learned more than I did in the 6 years of school. I will recommend this program to anyone I can." M.M.
  • "I think that the Institute as a whole is very strong and complete. I can honestly say that now that I have completed it, I feel so much more of a well-prepared professional. For many reasons, I have fallen in love with our field all over again!! The opportunity to write 3 evaluation reports using the information learned in the Institute have prepared me in an amazing way. I feel like a competent evaluators now and I did not feel this way prior to entering the Institute. I am also very glad that I have a Spanish Resource Manual. It is part of my brand new SLP toolkit and I know that I will refer to it and update it in the years to come. This has been an amazing educational journey and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to take part in it." M.F.
  • "I love this Institute. It has given me more knowledge and confidence in defending my profession and in detailed knowledge about evaluations and therapeutic strategies." K.K.
  • "La informacion recibida durante esta Extension de la certifcacion bilingue ha sido de gran valor. Me siento mejor preparada no solo para hacer evaluacion y tratamiento pero tambien para educar a mis colegas en el campo de Patologia del Habla y Lenguaje. Es ahora cuando entiendo que al obtener esta informacion tengo la responsabilidad el deber de no solo hacer un excelente trabajo pero la responsabilidad de abogar por las personas que van a ser evaluadas por mi." R.G.
  • "The Institute was incredibly enlightening. I would not feel prepared to work with bilingual/bicultural populations had I not gone through the Institute (emphasis in original)."  J.L.
  • "The interaction with other students and faculty was enlightening, stimulating, and informative. The readings were great." R.U.
  • "The institute has been wonderful, much better than I ever imagined. It has enriched my work as an SLP. The Bilingual Institute is professionally run and expertly presented. The Bilingual Extension program should be the model for equivalent programs throughout the country." B.R.
  • "I must say this class has been the most informative course I have taken thus far. It was well organized and extremely useful." C.C.
  • "I learned more from this program than from graduate school. I now feel more confident evaluating and providing intervention services to Cantonese-speaking children. M.L.
  • "It’s been an incredible learning experience. It was great to hear from so many leaders in the field about their area of expertise. I feel much more prepared to work as a bilingual clinician." R.R.
  • "I honestly feel that although I just graduated with my grad program, I was in no way prepared to go out there and work with bilingual/bicultural populations if I wouldn’t have taken this course." C.H.
  • "The Bilingual Institute exceeded and superseded my expectations on culture, intervention, and assessment." F.C.
  • "Todo el curso me ha resultado valiossimo. Lo mejor ha sido que cada lunes despues de tener clases ya poda poner todo lo aprendido en practica." M.W.
  • "Something I really liked was the time allotted to bring in students’ issues on our caseload that relate to topics during the weekend." K.B.
  • "The Institute was extremely helpful for me and very relevant to my practice as an SLP in a preschool. The info about evaluations was the most helpful and I’ve changed the way I write evals. Thanks so much for providing us with this great experience (emphasis in original)!" C.S.
  • "The Institute helped me to realize how little I actually knew and how much there is to still learn" Anon.
  • "I loved the Institute! I feel that I have become a much more informed and better clinician because of this program. All of the projects were extremely helpful and the different lecturers were great." J.B.
  • "I learned so much from this Institute. A friend referred me to it and it was so worth it. I am just finishing up my last semester of graduate school and I feel more confident in doing assessments and intervention for all clients whether bilingual or not." Anon.
  • "Bravo! As noted earlier, the bilingual extension for SLPs should be taughtexclusively by Bil. SLPs. I was personally and professionally privileged to attend the Institute(emphasis in original)."G.F.
  • "I am so grateful for this course; and am very happy that I decided to enroll at this point in my career. I have learned such worthwhile, useful, and invaluable information that make me feel more prepared for my first job. The passion and expertise of the professors is wonderful (and contagious)--and have truely motivated me. Maybe I’ll come back in 10 years." A.S.
  • "The amount of information from published journal articles and the presenters from this program have been more valuable to me than my masters’ program. The ammunition obtained in this extension to help best service bilingual students has given me the confidence to feel I’m evaluating them with my best clinical informed opinion. Thanks." L.M.
  • "Amazingly rewarding experience. I honestly believe now that every SLP working with multicultural children should take this course. It has completely changed the way I see myself as a bilingual SLP. Even with all the work, still worth it. Meet very interesting people that I hope to stay in touch (both faculty and students)." E.G.
  • "I think the Institute was wonderful but I feel that many sections should be included at the undergrad and grad levels. Some people are simply clueless!(emphasis in original)." J.D.
  • "I have to admit I am a little saddened that the "official" coursework has ended. I learned so much! The coursework was challenging but the quality of what was being offered and taught was top-notch. I now have to grow into"/integrate/re-organize what I know (think I know!) with all the new information I’ve gained. Thanks for a wonderful experience!(emphasis in original)." M.L.
  • "Thank you!!! For making such a huge impact in my professional life as a qualified and responsible SLP. And I must emphasize not just a bilingual SLP, but an SLP in general. I am positive most monolingual/English graduates would benefit greatly from attending this institute. I am now confident of possessing the right amount/knowledge base to better serve our children." V.L-K.
  • "You might think you know everything after twenty years of practice, however after getting involved in this class, you realize that you were missing a lot of pieces to your in various areas within your discipline. I wish I can come back often to continue to absorb knowledge to expand my daily practice while in this field. I have definitely become a much better practitioner after this institute." C.L.
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