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Communication Sciences & Disorders

In the Department of Biobehavioral Sciences

Funding and Scholarship Information

For more information about scholarships, please visit the Financial Aid website. If, on your application for admission, you clicked "yes" when asked if you were interested in scholarships, you will automatically be considered for many scholarships.  However, there are some scholarships that require an additional application.  Visit the Financial Aid website to determine if you are eligible and to apply.  In addition, the NYC Department of Education offers a scholarship for graduate students interested in pursuing a career in an NYC public school after graduation.  Click here for more information about the Department of Education (DOE) scholarship.

The NYC Department of Education Graduate Scholarship Program requires a signed College Acceptance Form to be completed by an authorized college/university representative as part of the application.  We are happy to complete this form for you.  You can bring it to our Admitted Student Day or alternatively, you can email Yvonne Wallace at ywallace@tc.edu for assistance.  Please complete the top portion of the form with your name and social security number before sending.  Keep in mind that the Scholarship Program requires supporting documents to be submitted within 10 business days from the date the application was filed.  Please wait until AFTER we have returned your completed College Acceptance Form to submit your application, in order to avoid undue time demands on our staff.

Students apply directly to the NYCDOE scholarship site.

If a work-study position is available in the clinic, we will announce this to students via email. Available work-study and graduate assistantship positions in other offices at TC are posted on the Human Resources website. For more information about student employment, visit the Financial Aid website.

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