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Licensure and Certification Information

If you are interested in working in the schools as a speech and language pathologist, you need a teaching certificate for Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD). Most of our students obtain this certification. In our program, most of the required content is infused into the curriculum—students seeking the TSSLD certificate must complete only one additional two-credit course, plus a school-based practicum experience. Additional TSSLD requirements include at least one course in each of the following areas: Math, Science, History, English, Foreign Language. Most students fulfill these requirements with undergraduate coursework or AP credit. Fulfillment of the requirements must be verified through transcript review at the Office of Teacher Certification.

The TSSLD teaching certification in NY is for NY only. If you go to another state, you will need to apply for teaching certification in that state. Typically, if you are certified in one state, moving to another is just a matter of paperwork.

No. The TSSLD teacher certification is specific to speech-language pathology, and only allows you to practice as an SLP in a school setting. To work as a substitute or classroom teacher, you would need a regular teacher certification.

No. Since the TSSLD-specific coursework is limited to one class, the length of the program will not change.

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