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Motor Learning & Control

Department of Biobehavioral Sciences

History of the Program


The Movement Sciences/Kinesiology Program at Teachers College, Columbia University has a long tradition of excellence. Teachers College, founded at the end of the 19th century, is a top-ranked school of graduate education. The study of movement has been a discipline of study here since the inception of the college. The program was a pioneer in the application of scientific study to the area of physical activity, and Teachers College was the first in the nation to award graduate degrees in the discipline. 
The Movement Sciences program was the first program in the nation to offer a graduate degree with a specialization in Motor Learning. Dr Ann Gentile and Dr Joseph Higgins, who led the program for several decades, were pioneers in the field who strongly believed in the importance of application of motor learning principles to clinical research.

Ann Gentile
Antoinette Gentile
Professor Emeritus, Movement Sciences
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