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Motor Learning & Control

Department of Biobehavioral Sciences

The Motor Learning & Neurorehabilitation Research Laboratory

The Motor Learning and Neurorehabilitation Research Laboratory conducts research that integrates areas of motor learning, motor control and neurorehabilitation.

Motor Learning and Control focuses on the behavioral, biomechanical, and neural bases of development, acquisition, and performance of functional movement skills, both in normal development and following disease or injury.

Our program specifically emphasizes applicability of motor learning and motor control principles to rehabilitation strategies for people with both children and adults neurological disorders or diseases, including cerebral palsy, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke.

Meet Our Students

About The Coordinators

The Motor Learning and Neurorehabilitation Lab is coordinated by Dr. Andrew Gordon and Dr. Lori Quinn. Dr. Gordon, Professor of Movement Sciences, is a motor control scientist and is the director of the Center for Cerebral Palsy Research. Dr. Quinn, Associate Professor of Movement Sciences, is a physical therapist and rehabilitation researcher. Dr. Terry Kaminski and Dr. Richard Magill conduct research in the area of motor learning and motor control, and advise Masters and Doctoral students.

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