Founded in August of 2017, the Black Education Research Collective (BERC) is a collective of scholars focused on education research at the intersections of Black history, culture, politics, and leadership. BERC is comprised of research faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students and alumni of Teachers College and other institutions devoted to enriching Black education through transdisciplinary research, cross-sector collaboration, and policy advocacy.

Mission and Purpose

Our mission is to conduct, translate, and disseminate research that leads to improved educational opportunities, experiences, and outcomes for Black children and youth. Our purpose is to create an intellectual space for Black education scholars that values their research perspectives; reclaims Black education as fundamental to equity, diversity, and justice; and advances emancipatory visions of Black education.

Conceptual Framework

Culturally Sensitive Research
Critical Policy Analysis
Emancipatory Education

Vision & Values

An Emancipatory Vision of Black Education 

Education is a civil and human right.

Education is a social and cultural process.

Education is a calling and profession.

Education is a collective good and responsibility

Education is the practice of freedom.

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