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Budget and Planning

The Office of

Budget Transfer


Budget transfers are used to move budget dollars among and between indices and/or accounts.

Budget Change Request Forms should be submitted in anticipation of commitments or expenditures in variance to the existing budget.

When transferring funds out of an index/account, please ensure that there is sufficient budget remaining to cover existing and anticipated expenditures and encumbrances.

Budget transfers in amounts less than $100 will not be processed and will be returned to the department, with the exception of covering NSF items

The Explanation/Comments section is required to be completed and must adequately explain the nature/intent of the transfer.

Course fee transfers should be submitted with the final course fee list provided by the Registrar Office after the drop/add deadline as support.

If a budget transfer requires clarification the Office of Budget and Planning will reach out for additional information. All transfers that are awaiting departmental response will be sent back within 48 hours to the Box # indicated on the transfer.

For transfer of actual revenue or expense, please use the Departmental Revenue/Expense Transfer Form.

All transfers are assumed as temporary unless specified as permanent on the top of the transfer.

Budget Transfer Process Flow

Budget Transfer Process Flow

General Guidelines

Any questions relating to the 5XXXXX indices should be directed to the Grants Office.

Salary Transfers

1. Part-Time fringe rates affect accounts:

6132 -- PT Adjunct Professor Exempt 6152 -- PT Fee Based Instructor Exempt
6252 -- Temporary Professional Exempt 6254 -- Temporary Professional Non-Exempt
6412 -- Administrative Fellows Part-Time 6422 -- TA/RA -- Part-Time
6442 -- Doctoral Research Fellow -- Part-Time 6462 -- Course Assistants -- P/T Exempt
6531 -- Resident Assistants  

2. Full-Time fringe rates affect accounts:

6111 -- Salaries - Professorial 6121 -- FT Instructors Exempt
6122 -- PT Instructors Exempt 6161 -- Salaries -- FT Lecturer
6211 -- FT Professional Exempt 6213 -- FT Professional Non -Exempt
6242 -- PT Professional Exempt 6244 -- PT Professional Non-Exempt
6311 -- FT Secretarial & Clerical Svcs 6312 -- PT Secretarial & Clerical Svcs
6316 -- Secretarial (2110) Overtime 6321 -- FT Custodial (707) Salaries
6326 -- FT Custodial (707) Overtime 6331 -- FT Security Salaries
6336 -- Security (707) Overtime 6341 -- FT Custodial Salaries (32BJ)
6346 -- FT Custodial (32BJ) Overtime 6521 -- Discretionary Allowance
6541 -- Housing Allowances  

3. Fringe Benefits are charged to account 6891, and should always be included when submitting transfers to cover salaries.

4. When an employee has multiple jobs at the College, the applicable fringe rate for all jobs is determined based on the higher fringe rate that the employee is eligible for. Please direct all inquiries to identify whether an employee has multiple jobs to your Human Resources representative. It is the responsibility of the department to verify if an employee has multiple jobs and alert the Office of Budget and Planning of the needs for any subsequent additions to fringe benefits.

5. All salaries that are NSF will be funded from OTPS. If this causes a NSF situation in the OTPS lines by the end of the fiscal year, those funds will be taken from the following year's budget.

Transfers Needing Specialty Approval

  1. Any transfer from a 6XXX account line to a 7XXX account line (exception: see 3rd bullet under Salary Savings)*
  2. Any transfer from non-instructional salaries (62XX, 63XX, 64XX and 65XX) to any another 6XXX account line, except with approval from the Office of Budget and Planning.
  3. Any transfer from the fringe account 6891 to a non-fringe accoun.
  4. Any transfer to or from a 78XX account line (scholarships or student stipends) to any non-78XX account line, except for departments to cover their portion of funding for full-time doctoral students. The transfer must be approved by the Office of the Vice Provost and the Office of Budget and Planning.
  5. Any transfer done within 78xx account lines, but into or out of differing funds, except with approval from the Office of Budget and Planning.
  6. Any transfer from an operating index (1XXXXX) to a designated index (2XXXXX) or from an operating index (1XXXXX) to a restricted index (6XXXXX) without the prior approval of the Office of Budget and Plannin.
  7. Any transfer from a revenue line (see revenue transfer section for more detail).
  8. On a case by case basis, permanent and temporary transfers from a 7XXX account line to a 6XXX account line with approval from the Vice Provost's Office for instructional departments or the Budget and Planning Office for non-instructional departments. Permanent transfers are reflected in the current fiscal year as well as subsequent fiscal years. Temporary transfers are only reflected during the current fiscal year.

Other Permissible Transfers

  1. Any transfer of instructional salary savings (61XX) to other instructional salary accounts (61XX) (includes faculty, FT lecturers, adjuncts, and FT or PT instructors)
  2. Budget transfers for 78XX accounts within the same fund.
  3. Any transfer into the fringe account 6891.

Other Topics

  1. Revenue generated by the College is managed centrally and is not available to the department.
  2. Funds received as reimbursements for expenses incurred may be transferred to cover these expenses provided the reimbursement is received in the same fiscal year the expense is incurred.
  3. When setting up a deposit through CASHNet, for an operating activity, funds should be deposited into an operating index (1XXXXX) using a revenue account (5XXX). Funds should not be deposited into a designated index (2XXXXX).
  4. All CASHNET accounts need to be approved by the Budget and Planning Office prior to setup.

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)

  • NSF occurs when there are not enough funds in an account pool to cover a purchase requisition or check request submitted for processing.
  • Account pools are divided as follows: 7100 – 7799 & PL7000; 78xx; 79xx; 81xx; 82xx
  • A Budget Change Request Form must be submitted to the Office of Budget & Planning to transfer funds, as appropriate.

Course Fees

  • Certain courses at Teachers College have additional fees that students pay to cover materials/supplies/one-on-one coaching, etc.
  • Course fee transfers are submitted as “one-sided” transfers using a Budget Change Request Form and are a mechanism to allocate collected fees to a departmental budget.
  • To establish a course fee budget, the Director of Academic Administration (DAA) submits a Budget Change Request Form with a list of students attending and fees paid as provided by the Registrar’s Office. The form should be submitted to the Office of Budget & Planning at the beginning of each semester, after add/drop deadline has passed.