Academic Collaborators

2021- 2022 Academic Collaborator

CAE is pleased to announce the launch of the virtual Academic Collaborator Program at Teachers College, Columbia University.  The purpose of the program is to foster long-term collaborations with faculty on the African continent to discuss research, academic projects, and engage with TC students on research projects. 

Dr. John Windie Ansah
2021-2022 Academic Collaborator

CAE is pleased to welcome Dr. John Windie Ansah as the inaugural Academic Collaborator (AC) for 2021-2022 year. He is a professor at University of Cape Coast in Ghana. 

Dr. John Windie Ansah's Publications

Dr. John Windie Ansah has kindly shared his publications with CAE as a resource for students at Teachers College and Columbia University. For further acess to this literature please send an email to CAE. 


Book Chapters

Ansah, J.W. (2014). Accessing healthcare among rural women in Northern Ghana:  A case study of the Wa-East District. In F.A. Asante; A.Y. Owusu and C. Ahiadeke (eds). Placing Health at the Center of Development. (pp. 51-75). Institute of Social, Statistical and Economic Research, University of Ghana.

Peer-reviewed Articles

Ansah, J.W. (2021). Capital mobility and knowledge diffusion from China into Ghana’s food production sub-sector: Implications for the law and politics of food sector development strategies. Journal of Public Policy, Wiley.


Ansah, J.W. (2020). Knowledge diffusion from China into Ghana’s agricultural sector: Forms, contexts and processes. International Journal of European Studies, 4(1),13-26.


Ansah, J.W. (2020). Ghanaian agricultural actors’ interpretations and adaptations to Chinese capital mobility into Ghana’s agricultural sector. International Journal of Sociology, 50(5), 369-395. Routledge, Taylor and Francis. 


Ansah, J.W. & Takyiakwaa, D. (2020). House to let: Housing agents, social networks and Ghana’s housing law and policy. The International Journal of Housing Policy, 20(3), 390-416. Routledge, Taylor and Francis.


Ansah, J.W. (2019). Capital mobility and economic development: New political economy thoughts”. E-International Relations, ISSN 2053-8626


Ansah, J.W.  (2019). Institutional choice and recognition vis-à-vis governance outcomes in the Elmina castle: A political economy enquiry into tourism management. UDS International Journal of Development, 6(3), 57-74


Ansah, J.W & Afful, B. (2018). Understanding the forms and trends of capital mobility from China into Ghana’s agricultural sector: From neo-liberalism to social innovation. Journal of Business and Development, 8, (1), 1-22


Ansah, J.W . & Takyiakwaa D. (2018). Civil society participation in Ghana’s public private partnership regime. Ghana Journal of Social Sciences, 15(1), 30-63.


Ansah, J.W. (2015). Ghana’s public-private partnership: Standards and waves of elitism. International Journal of African and Asian Studies, 16(1), 19-27.


Ansah, J.W. (2015). An evaluation of Ghana’s housing laws in a changing urban context. Legon Journal of Sociology, 5(2), 6-32


Ansah, J.W. (2013). The political economy of the Chinese onslaught in Africa. Sociology Study, 3(9), 651-664 


Ansah J.W. (2013). The political dynamics of regional integration in Africa: The subjective side. Global Advance Research Journal of Social Sciences, 2(9), 202-211.


Ansah, J.W. (2013). Our jobs, our survival: a review of the national employment policy of Ghana. International Journal of Sociology and Anthropology, 5(4),107-115. 2006-988x 


Ansah, J.W., Nunoo, J. & Odoi, A. (2013). Records for effective exchange programme at the University of Cape Coast Center for International Education: Content, Students’ Participation, Relevance and Challenges. Online Journal of Social Sciences Research, 2(2), 51-60.   


Ansah, J.W. (2012). Giving back to society: Reflections on the politico-economic dynamics of corporate social responsibility in Ghana. Journal of Arts and Social Sciences, 1(1), 147-167


Technical Reports

Edjekumhene, Ishmael, Nketia, K.S.  Ansah, J.W. & Owusu, C. (2019). Charcoal value chain in Ghana – Baseline study, Ministry of Energy, Accra, Ghana 


Asmah, E., Ansah, J.W. Daffour K. N., Afful, B. & Nunno, J. (2017). Background study on employment in the agriculture and agro-processing sectors in Ghana, International Labour Organization, Geneva


Daffour K. N., Asmah, E., Afful, B. Ansah, J.W. & Nunno, J. (2017). Background study on employment in the infrastructural sector in Ghana, International Labour Organization, Geneva


Policy Brief

Ansah, J.W. (2019). Promoting peace in the Great Lakes Region: What are the other options? Institute of Peace and Security, 13(1), 1-7 


Website and Magazine Articles

Ansah, J.W. (2007) On human dignity: Lessons from terrorism, Sociology Students Association Journal, Vol. 2, No.1, pp.38-39.


Ansah, J.W.  (2005) Alternative natural resource conservation for sustainable development, Institute of Humane Studies, U.S.A, http//

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