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George Clement Bond Center for African Education

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Human Rights Education Curriculum

In the fall of 2016, the Human Rights in Africa class designed a human rights education (HRE) curriculum for the African context. The module consists of five distinct but thematically linked HRE curricula. The class received help from UNESCO Dakar, UNESCO's civil society counterparts, Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar, Senegal, and the George C. Bond Center for African Education.

Three of the curricula are intended for youth in West Africa. The first, A Transformative Curriculum for Youth in West Africa, includes an activism-oriented curriculum that teaches students how to utilize the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in their daily lives; the second, Culture of Peace: Conflict Prevention and Management, is a conflict prevention and management curriculum that uses sports as a tool to learn about teamwork and cooperation; and the third, Preventing Violent Extremism, equips students with the skills to identify extremist behaviors and protect themselves from recruitment into violent extremist groups. 

Two of the curricula are aimed at teenagers and young adults in West Africa and include a Gender, Peace, and Development curriculum that empowers young women to stand up to gender-based oppression, such as unequal distribution of labor at home and sexual harassment; and a Sexual Minority and Human Rights curriculum that helps learners understand the importance of diversity, tolerance, and respect

Follow the links below to download the complete HRE curriculum:

A Transformative Curriculum for Youth in West Africa

Conflict Prevention and Management

Preventing Violent Extremism

Gender, Peace and Development

Sexual Minority and Human Rights