Fellows and Allies gain knowledge from our Core and Responsive curricula taught by distinguished Teachers College professors and notable guest speakers bringing various leadership perspectives to the experience. Our Core Curriculum is grounded in adult developmental theory and systems thinking and includes instruction in neuroscience of leadership, communicating to inspire peak performance and mentoring in a collaborative network of peers. By advancing the knowledge base of our distinguished principals and their allies, the Cahn Fellows Program strives to support teacher development, school culture and student learning.

The Responsive curriculum is derived from those problems that are faced by leaders in today’s society and can include teaching in ethics, implicit bias, leading in a crisis and emotional leadership. This curriculum is designed to support the mindfulness and developing mindsets of our nations best educational leaders.

Additional knowledge is gained from the work with our Alumni Advisors. Cahn Alumni Advisors (CAA) and TC faculty work with small cohorts of Fellows and Allies in support of their learning and bridging theory and practice. Faculty at Teachers College, Columbia University offer support to complement CAA’s during collegial inquiry sessions. CAA’s have a deep and vast understanding of the principalship, and of how to coach exemplary Principals.

Our curricula views schools through the technical, personal and organizational lenses to help leaders organize their thinking about school change. Knowledge gained from the Core and Responsive curricula support the development of cognitive, emotional, interpersonal and intrapersonal capacities. In this framework, knowledge is shared among the members of the cohort who learn that despite differences in size, location and school type, problems of practice are not dissimilar. This knowledge sharing adds richness to the curriculum and facilitates on-going training in how to think systematically and strategically.


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