Summer Leadership Institute

Summer Leadership Institute

The Summer Leadership Institute (SLI) is designed to enable Fellows to effectively link leadership and instructional theories to their practice. It is an intensive two-week program grounded in two cornerstones: the study of leadership across organizations and the study of leadership at the school level. Through this program, Fellows have the opportunity to reflect on their own leadership and create a vision of leadership for the future. While in attendance at the Institute, Fellows are required to develop and submit an action plan addressing a problem of practice they face as leaders in their schools.  This problem drives their yearlong learning and results in a research paper and presentation at the end of the year. The Individual Challenge work facilitates learning across the cohort as Fellows engage with one another on a review of their challenge.‌

Week One:

The SLI begins with a trip to Gettysburg for our Fellows to examine leadership through an analysis of the styles of those who led the Battle of Gettysburg.  Connections and reflections are made on their own leadership strengths and areas of needed growth. Fellows return to New York to spend the week with our prestigious faculty to receive solid grounding on topics focusing on organizational change, adult learning and systems thinking.

Week Two:

The second week of our SLI is spent examining specific challenges facing urban school administrators and solutions to those challenges.  In addition, notable leaders in diverse fields provide training on various topics in leadership and speak to our Fellows about their leadership journeys, giving another perspective and dimension to the skillset needed to be a successful leader.

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