Our Fellows

Our first cohort of Cahn Fellows was inducted into the program in 2003. It is the only program of its kind that has been specifically designed to support the growth of exemplary school leaders. The program enables fellows to become even more effective principals while leveraging their talents to support aspiring school principals. Meet all of our current and past cohorts of Cahn Fellows below.

Meet the Fellows

2018 Cahn Fellows

Alene Mason
Principal of Scott Joplin Elementary School in Chicago, IL since 2008.
Alexa Sorden
Principal of Concourse Village Elementary School in the South Bronx, NY.
Brian Bradley
Principal of Renaissance School of the Arts, NY since 2014
Bud Bryant
Principal of Countee Cullen Elementary School, Chicago, IL
Carmen Navarro
Principal of Mariano Azuela Elementary School on the southwest side of Chicago.
Crystal Bonds
Principal of the High School for Math Science and Engineering (HSMSE) at the City College of New York, and Master Principal for the Academy of Social Action in 2015.
Donny Lopez
Principal of PS 163 - Alfred E. Smith, NY since 2012.
Hiliana León
Principal of Albany Park Multicultural Academy in Chicago, IL since 2013.
Iris Y. Chiu
Principal of Shuang Wen School (P.S/M.S. 184M) in New York City since 2011.
Kevin Froner
Principal of Manhattan Hunter Science in New York City.
Kevin Gallick
Principal of George Washington High School in Chicago, IL since 2012.
Mark Erlenwein
Principal of Staten Island Technical High School in New York City since 2014.
Melitina Hernandez
Principal of PS/ MS 123, The Mahalia Jackson School of Literacy and the Arts in New York City.
Melody Kellogg
Principal of Emma Lazarus High School in New York City.
Michael Boraz
Principal of Lincoln Park High School in Chicago, IL since 2010.
Rebecca Salgado
Principal of Ruskin Elementary School in Tampa, FL since 2015.
Robin Christian
Principal at Barack and Michelle Obama Academy in Atlanta, GA since 2015.
Theresa Mshar
Principal of Edward Bleeker JHS 185 in Flushing, Queens since 2012.
Jamie Lofaro
Principal of The Career Education Center Early College in Denver, CO.
Rachel Massey
Principal of Farrell B. Howell, ECE-8 in Denver, CO since 2011.
Rachel Payne
Principal of Marie L. Greenwood Academy in Denver, CO since 2012.
Kurtis Quig
Principal of West Early College in Denver, CO.

2017 Cahn Fellows

David Abbott
Principal of BELL Academy in Bayside, Queens.
Lauren Albani
Principal of LaSalle II Magnet School in Chicago, IL.
Dorald Bastian
Principal of New Millennium Business Academy Middle School in Bronx, NY.
Carmen Conception
Principal of Oaklawn Language Academy in Charlotte, NC.
Christine Chavez
Principal of P.S. 45 in Staten Island, NY.
Ron Link
Principal of TAPCo Public School of the Arts in Bronx, NY.
Ann McNally
Principal of Stock School in Chicago, IL.
Bevon Thompson
Principal of Imagine Me Leadership Charter School in Brooklyn, NY.
Catherine Plocher
Principal of Burley Elementary School in Chicago, IL.
Dahlia McGregor
Principal of Science Skills Center High School for Science, Technology and the Creative Arts in Brooklyn, NY.
Dyanthe Spielberg
Principal of the Neighborhood School in Manhattan, NY.
Gina Mautschke-Mitchell
Head Master of The Brooklyn Latin School in New York City, NY.
Heather Foster Mann
Principal of P.S. 133 in Brooklyn, NY.
Josette Pizarro
Principal of P.S. 220 in Queens, NY.
Kelly Nepogoda
Principal of The Walter H. Crowley School of Leadership at I.S. 5. in Queens, NY.
Larry Gabbard
Principal of Stephen T. Mather Building Arts & Craftsmanship High School in New York City, NY.
Lisa Epstein
Principal of Lee Elementary in Chicago, IL.
Macquline King
Principal of Courtenay Language Arts center in Chicago, IL.
Mieasia Howard-Edwards
Principal of Countee Cullen Academy for Scholars, P.S. 194 in Harlem, NY.
Moses Ojeda
Principal of Thomas A. Edison Career & Technical Education (CTE) High School in Queens, NY.
Natashia Pegram
Principal of Pinewood Elementary School in Charlotte, NC.
Neil Ganesh
Principal of Richmond Hill High School in Richmond Hill, NY.
Rashid Shabazz
Principal of James Wadsworth STEM PreK-8 in Chicago, IL.
Sandra Noyola
Principal of P.S. 147 in Brooklyn, NY.
Tracey Stelly
Principal of Mildred I. Lavizzo School in Chicago, IL.
Wanda Vazques
Principal of El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice in Brooklyn, NY.
Yves Mompoint
Principal of the High School of Hospitality Management in New York City, NY.

Cahn Fellows 2016 Cohort

Marines Arrieta-Cruz
P.S. 75 School Of Research And Discovery
Chad Weiden
Edgebrook Elementary School, Chicago
Kirsten Larson
Principal, Marble Hill High School for International Studies - District 10
July Cyrwus
Federico Garcia Lorca Elementary School, Chicago
Stacy Stewart
Belmont-Cragin Community School, Chicago
Pagee Cheung
Math, Engineering and Science Academy
Jeffrey Slivko
Irwin Altman Middle School, Queens
Chayvonne Harper
P.S./I.S 270, Queens
Pamela Lee
P.S. 162, Queens
Elvira Maresca
P.S. 36 The Unionport School, Bronx
Laura Peynado-Castro
University Neighborhood Middle School, Manhattan
Joshua Long
Southside Occupational Academy, Chicago
Greer Phillips
The Horan School, Manhattan
Reggie Higgins
P.S. 125, the Ralph Bunche School, Manhattan
Ann Leiter
P.S. 56, Queens
Femi Skanes
Al Raby School for Community & Environment, Chicago
Pamela Sabel
P.S .122, the Mamie Fay School, Queens
Kuvana Jones Sanders
P.S. 12, the Lewis & Clark School, Bronx
Michelle Willis
Gillespie Elementary School, Chicago
Serena Peterson-Klosa
Ebinger Elementary School, Chicago
Darlene Cameron
S.T.A.R Academy, Manhattan
Sereida Rodriguez-Guerra
P.S. 84 Jose De Diego, Brooklyn
Shenethe Parks
Bret Harte Elementary School, Chicago
David Fanning
A. Philip Randolph Campus High School, Manhattan
Meghan Dunn
Riverdale Avenue Community School, Brooklyn
Nick Mazzarella
Brooklyn College Academy
Molly Wang
P.S. 173, the Fresh Meadow School, Queens

Cahn Fellows 2015 Cohort

Anthony Armstrong
Nathaniel Hawthorne Middle School, Queens
Ewa Asterita
Manhattan School for Career Development, Manhattan
Robert Bender
P.S. 11 William T. Harris School, Manhattan
Dawn Brooks DeCosta
Thurgood Marshall Academy Lower School, Manhattan
Patricia Bullard
P.S. 221 North Hills School, Queens
Anna Cano Amato
P.S. 110 The Monitor, Brooklyn
Carry Chan-Howard
School for Global Leaders, Manhattan
Jeff Dase
Edward Coles Language Academy, Chicago
Paul Didio
P.S. 159, Queens
Sonhando Estwick
Tompkins Square Middle School, Manhattan
Susan Felder
P.S. 40 August Saint-Gaudens, Manhattan
Karen Feuer
Florence Nightengale Elementary School, Manhattan
Traci Frey
Gaynor McCown Expeditionary Learning, Staten Island
Olga Guzman
P.S. 228 EC Magnet School of the Arts, Queens
Greg Mason
Murray Language Academy, Chicago
Barbara McKeon
The Broome Street Academy Charter School, Manhattan
Annamarie Mule
Cobble Hill School of American Studies, Brooklyn
Angela O’Dowd
P.S. 62, Chester Park School, Queens
David O’Hara
Expeditionary Learning School, Brooklyn
Scott Parker
P.S. 452, Manhattan
Kiri Soares
Urban Assembly Institute of Math & Science for Young Women, Brooklyn
Cara Tait-Fanor
Green School High Environmental Careers, Brooklyn
Roger Turgeon
Food & Finance High School, Manhattan
Tyona Washington
High School for Innovation and Excellence, Manhattan

Cahn Fellows 2014 Cohort

Beshir Abdellatif
RFK Community High School, Queens
Jennifer Ambert
P.S./I.S.178 Holliswood School, Queens
Joyce Brown Bush
Alfred J. Kennedy School, Queens
Donella Carter
John M. Gregory Math & Science, Chicago
Karen Ditolla
Mark Twain School, Brooklyn
Sheila Durant
P.S. 69, Journey Prep, Bronx
Kristin Erat
Grant Avenue Elementary, Bronx
Lauren Fontana
P.S. 6, Lillie D. Blake School, NYC
Jane Hsu
P.S. 116, Mary Lindley Murray School, NYC
Janice Jackson
George Westinghouse College Prep, Chicago
David Jimenez
Manhattan Center for Science & Math, NYC
Medea McEvoy
P.S. 267, NYC
Kelly McGuire
Lower Manhattan Community School, NYC
Martha Polin
Lower East Side Preparatory School, NYC
Evita Sanabria
Aerospace & Science Academy, Queens
Orlando Sarmiento
Newcomers High School, Queens
Watfa Shama
American Sign Language & English High School, NYC
Kelly Shannon
P.S. 41, Greenwich Village School, NYC
Regina Tottenham
P.S. 373, Brooklyn Transition Center, Brooklyn

Cahn Fellows 2013 Cohort

Elizabeth Blackwell Middle School, Queens
Monique Campbell
School of Integrated Learning, Brooklyn
Cynthia Diaz-Burgos
JHS 189, Queens
Mathew Ditto
Andrew Jackson Language Academy, Chicago
Naomi Drouillard
PS 254, Queens
Dana Gerendasi
PS 317, Waterside Children's Studio School, Queens
Mariela Graham
Urban Assembly School for Criminal Justice, Brooklyn
Rose Kerr
Staten Island School of Civic Leadership
Reginald Landeau, Jr.
George J. Ryan Middle School, Queens
Heather Leykam
PS 53, Brooklyn
Paul Martuccio
The Margaret L. Lindemeyer School, Staten Island
Carmen Parache
PS 150, Queens
Rhonda Perry
The Salk School of Science, NYC
Mara Ratesic-Koetke
PS 77, The Lower Lab School, NYC
Lashawn Robinson
Brownsville Academy High School, Brooklyn
Meisha Ross Porter
The Bronx School for Law, Government & Justice
Magdaly Saint-Juste
PS 51, Queens
Nicole Scott
PS/IS 266, Queens
Maggie Siena
The Peck Slip School, NYC
Joshua Solomon
Business of Sports School, NYC
Adrienne Ubertini
PS 90, Queens
Cordelia Veve
Urban Assembly Media, NYC
Jeanene Worrell-Breeden
Teachers College Community School, NYC
Jie Zhang
Stuyvesant High School, NYC

Cahn Fellows 2012 Cohort

Janette Caban
PS 94, Brooklyn
Dominic Cipollone
MS 219, Bronx
Dominick D’Angelo
IS 228, Brooklyn
Rashid Davis
P-Tech High School, Brooklyn
Joeletha Ferguson
PS/IS 262, Brooklyn
Bernadette Fitzgerald
PS 503, Brooklyn
Stacey Gauthier
The Renaissance Charter School, Queens
Jason Griffiths
Brooklyn Latin High School
Maria Herrera
Renaissance High School for Musical Theater, Bronx
Ari Hoogenboom
Abraham Lincoln High School, Brooklyn
Cecilia Jackson
Pioneer Academy, Queens
Denise Jamison
JHS 50, Brooklyn
Alan Mather
Lindblom Math & Science Academy, Chicago
Ailene Mitchell
MS 88, Brooklyn
Ramon Namnum
High School of World Cultures, Bronx
Louis Pavone
PS 78, Queens
Mario Santos
Eastside High School, Newark
Musa Ali Shama
Francis Lewis High School, Queens
Tara Shelton
South Loop Elementary School, Chicago
Denise Vittor
Grover Cleveland High School, Queens
Peggy Wyns-Madison
PS 15, Brooklyn

Cahn Fellows 2011 Cohort

Megan Adams
NYC Lab Middle School for the Collaborative Studies
Magalie Alexis
Park Slope Elementary
Anthony Barbetta
Thomas Edison Career High School
Deidre Budd
P.S. 178 in Washington Heights
Franca Conti
PS 217
Giovanna Delucchi
PS 43 Jonas Bronck
Frank L. DeSario
P.S. 60
Colleen Ducey
P.S. 326
Ramona Duran
P.S. 157
Danielle Giunta
P.S. 154 in Flushing
Paula Holmes
McKinney Secondary School of the Arts
Brooke Jackson
New York City Lab School for Collaborative Studies
April Leong
Liberation Diploma Plus High School
Yolanda Mendez
Roberto Clemente Elementary School
Laverne C. Nimmons
PS 335 Granville T. Woods Public School
Robin Pitts
The High School of Sports Management
Charlene Reid
Bronx Charter School for Excellence (BCSE)
Edward Tom
Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics
Joaquin Vega
Bronx International High School
Deneen Washington
Maple Avenue School

Cahn Fellows 2010 Cohort

Randy Asher
Brooklyn Technical High School
Roshone Ault Lee
South Bronx Academy for Applied Media
Melessa Avery
PS 273
William Bassell
Long Island City High School
Linda Beal-Benigno
PS 312
Jaynemarie Capetanakis
PS 69
David Vazquez
Urban Assembly Bronx Studio School for Writers and Artists
Kathleen Elvin
Williamsburg Preparatory School
William Fiorelli
PS R037
Ann Gordon-Chang
PS 85
Marc Harris
PS 04
Liset Isaac
PS 192
Brett Kimmel
Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School
Rafaela Landin
PS 08
Giselle McGee
PS 58
Rosemarie Nicoletti
PS 197
Kathleen Peknic
PS 18
Yvrose Pierre
PS 753
Myrna Rodriguez
PS 206
Patricia Tubridy
Channel View School for Research
Erica Zigelman
MS 322
Alicja Winnicki
PS 34

Cahn Fellows 2009 Cohort

Ysidro Abreu
MS 319, Maria Teresa Miraba
Kenneth Baum
The Urban Assembly for Applied Math and Science
Yvette Beasley
Twin Parks Upper School
Mark Cannizzaro
IS 75R, Frank D. Paulo School
Margaret Choy-Shan
PS 164, Caesar Rodney School
Theresa Dovi
PS 102, The Bayview School
Rhonda Dawn Farkas
PS 152, Science and Technology
Paulette Glenn
PS 80Q, Thurgood Marshall Magnet
Alice Hom
PS 124, Yung Wing Elementary
Dale Kelly
IS 364K, Gateway Intermediate School
Jacqueline Mammolito
PS 48, William G. Wilcox School
Harris Marmor
High School for Health Careers and Sciences
Darlene Miller
MS 414, New York City Museum School
Katherine Moloney
PS 100, The Coney Island School
Miriam Nightengale
03M492, HS for Law, Advocacy, and Community Justice
Joseph Nobile
P.S. 304, The Early Childhood Lab School
Elsa Nunez
PS 28M, The Wright Brothers School
Maria Teresa Nunziata
PS 130, The Parkside School
Brian O'Connell
The Scholars Academy
Mitchell Pinsky
PS 115, Daniel Mucatel School
Barbara Sanders
IS 383, Philippa Schuyler School for the Gifted and Talented
Camille Wallin
PS 42, Claremont Community School
Larry Woodbridge
Secondary School for Law

Cahn Fellows 2008 Cohort

Lottie Almonte
Performing Arts & Technology High School
Cheryl Ault
PS 81, Thaddeus Stevens
John Barnes
MS 331
Arlene Bartlett
PS 176, The Cambria Heights School
Jill Bloomberg
The Secondary School for Research
Virginia Connelly
IS 123, James M. Kieran
Donna Finn
Frank Sinatra School of the Arts
Willena George
PS 290, Juan Morel Campos
Lisa Gioe
MS 447, Math and Science Exploratory School
Carleton Gordan
IS 59
Constance Hahn
PS 108, Sal Abbracciamento Landmark School
Joanne Hunt
Harbor Science and Arts Charter School
Tanya Lippold-John
High School for Violin and Dance
Nick Marinacci
MS 323, Bronx Writing Academy
Eloise Messineo
Louis D. Brandeis High School
Miriam Pedraja
PS/IS 311, Amistad Dual Language School
Robert Rhodes
Millennium High School
Margaret Russo
PS 160, William T. Sampson
Buffie Simmons-Peart
IS 211, John Wilson
Wanda Soto
PS 5, Ellen Lurie School
Fred Walsh
The School for International Studies
James Waslawski
PS/MS 279, The Captain Manuel Rivera Jr. School

Cahn Fellows 2007 Cohort

Michael Alcoff
MS/HS 697 Teachers Preparatory School
Rahesha Amon
Frederick Douglass Academy III
Alyce Barr
Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies
Mary Barton
PS 236 Mill Basin
Elisa Brown
The Caton School
Christina Fuentes
PS 24 The Dual Language School for International Studies
Ramon Gonzalez
MS 223 The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology
Xanthe Jory
Bronx Charter School for the Arts
Annette Kunin
PS 169 Bay Terrace School
Dr. Andrea Lewis
Acorn Community High School
Roxan Marks
PS 30 The Wilton School
Mary McDonald
Alexine Fenty
Eugenia Montalvo
PS 106 The Parkchester School
William Moore
Robert Goddard School
Panorea Panagiosoulis
Kappa IV
Norma Perez
IS 528 Bea Fuller Rogers
Alica Perez-Katz
Baruch College Campus High School
Seth Phillips
PS 8 Robert Fulton School
Mark Pingitore
IS 839 Tompkins Square Middle School Extension
Ruth Quiles
PS 131
Valerie Reidy
Bronx High School of Science
Carmen Rivera
Academy for New American
Valerie Sawinski
JHS 185Q Edward Bleeker
Jeff Scherr
Francis Lewis High School
Christina Tettonis
The Helenic Classical Charter School
Tracy Walsh
PS 48M PO Michael J Buczek
Shimon Waronker
MS 22 Jordan L Mott

Cahn Fellows 2006 Cohort

Principal Adele Armstrong
P.S. 118, Queens
Principal Dolores Beckham
I.S. 145, Queens
Principal Alan Cohen
P.S. 69, the Bronx
Principal Giulia Cox
M.S. 118, the Bronx
Principal Catherine DeLaura
School of the Future, Manhattan
Principal James Harrigan
P.S. 229, Brooklyn
Principal Everett Hughes
I.S. 292, Brooklyn
Principal Beverly Lynch
P.S. 134, Brooklyn
Principal Shirley Matthews
H.S. for Environmental Studies, Manhattan
Principal Karen Melendez-Hutt
P.S. 30, Manhattan
Principal Kenneth Morris
P.S./I.S. 266, Queens
Principal Sana Nasser
Harry S. Truman High School, the Bronx
Principal Maxine Nodel
Millennium Art Academy, the Bronx
Principal Nigel Pugh
Queens High School for Teaching, Queens
Principal Susan Rappaport
P.S. 333, Manhattan
Principal Rima Ritholtz
P.S. 176, the Bronx
Principal Linda Singer
P.S. 255, Brooklyn
Principal Israel Soto
P.S. 57, Manhattan
Principal Dolores Troy-Quinn
P.S. 186, Queens
Principal Phil Weinberg
H.S. of Telecommunication Arts and Technology

Cahn Fellows 2005 Cohort

Sara Belcher-Barnes
The Agnes Y. Humphrey School for Leadership, PS/MS 27, Brooklyn
Patricia Bentley
Leadership and Community Service, IS 303, the Bronx
John Bernardino
PS 212Q, Jackson Heights, Queens
Thomas DeGrazia
PS/IS 194, the Bronx
Peter Dillon
the Heritage School, HS 680, Manhattan
Rachel Donnelly
The Throop School, PS 121, the Bronx
Stephen Duch
Hillcrest High School, HS 505, Jamaica Estates, Queens
Cynthia Edwards
Gateway to Health Sciences Secondary School, IS/H. 680, Queens
Berthe Faustin
The Bilingual Center/Lincoln Terrace, PS 189, Brooklyn
Barbara Freeman
Don Pedro Albizu Campo School, P.S. 161, Manhattan
Joseph Gates
IS 238, Queens
Maureen Gonzalez
The Bayswater School , PS 104, Queens
Gregory Hodge
Frederick Douglass Academy, Manhattan
Sandye Johnson
Thurgood Marshall Academy, MS 670, Manhattan
Michele Kahn
Mott Haven Village School, PS 220, the Bronx
Vincent Maniscalco
Staten Island Technical High School, Staten Island
Robert O'Brien
PS 75, Manhattan
Eileen Reiter
Jose Celso Barbosa School , PS 112, Manhattan
Nancy Sing-Bock
PS 51M, Manhattan
Judith Tarlo
Bayside High School, Q495, Bayside, Queens
Stanley Teitel
Stuyvesant High School, Manhattan
Joseph Zaza
Leon High School for the Sciences, Brooklyn

Cahn Fellows 2004 Cohort

Celenia Chevere
K8/H.S. 539 P, NEST+M Manhattan
Gloria Dupree
M.S. 340, North Star Academy, Brooklyn
Hector Geager
Manhattan Village Academy H.S., Manhattan
Anne Marie Gillen
PS 164, Brooklyn
Betty Gonzalez Soto
PS 211, The Bilingual School, The Bronx
Cynthia Hunter
P.S. 36, St Albans School, Queens
Janice Knight
P.S. 235, Lenox School, Brooklyn
Mary Kojes
PS 122, Mamie Fay School, Queens
Joshua Laub
Banana Kelly High School, The Bronx
Janet Lynch Aravena
PS/IS 187, Manhattan
Nancy Mann
Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School, The Bronx
Robert A Marchi
P.S. 17, Henry Woodworth School, Brooklyn
Peter McFarlane
PS 180, Hugo Newman, Manhattan
Mary Padilla
PS 5, Port Morris, The Bronx
John Quattrochi
PS 43, Queens
Michael Schurek
PS 19, The Bronx
Susan Sherer
PS 205Q, Alexander Graham Bell, Queens
Louise Verdemare
PS 112, Brooklyn
Veronica Yurcik
PS 201, Queens

Cahn Fellows 2003 Cohort

Mirian Acosta-Sing
The Mott Hall School, Manhattan
David Banks
The Bronx School for Law, Government & Justice, Bronx
Iris Baum
William McKinley Intermediate School 259, Brooklyn
Jerry Cioffi
The School for Legal Studies, Brooklyn
Anna Commitante
New Voices School of Academic & Creative Arts, M.S. 827, Brooklyn
Michael Davino
The Michael J. Petrides School, Staten Island
Douglas Delmonte
P.S. 70, Long Island City
Gloria Guzman
P.S. 150, The Sunnyside School, Sunnyside
Rick Hallman
Benjamin N. Cardozo High School, Bayside
Sylvia Hammer
P.S. 196, Flushing
John Hughes
P.S. 48x, Bronx
Norma Figueroa Hurwitz
Sisulu Charter School, Manhattan
Kathy LeDonni
P.S. 247, Brooklyn
Gwendolyn Stephens
Harlem Day Charter School, Manhattan
Janet Won
Yung Wing Elementary School, P.S. 124, Manhattan
Lily Din Woo
P.S. 130, Manhattan

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