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Application Information

The Cahn Fellows Program accepts applications for Cahn Fellowships on an annual basis from public school principals, including principals of charter schools, working in New York City, Chicago and Newark schools. Each year, approximately 10 percent of all New York City, Chicago and Newark principals are invited to apply for a Cahn Fellowship based on their accomplishments to date in the principalship.

Principals with three or more years of experience and a track record of success can be nominated for a Cahn Fellowship.


When reviewing an applicant's candidacy, the Program emphasizes the following selection criteria:

Personal commitment to providing an excellent education to the children of all public school students
Evidence of effective leadership as demonstrated by growth or consistently high levels of student achievement
Leadership qualities including intellectual curiosity, resourcefulness, collaboration skills, mentoring skills, creativity, and self-awareness
History of professional accomplishments
The Committee also considers the following school-wide factors:

School-site indicators including, where applicable, four-year outcomes on graduation and dropout rates, attendance rates, and teacher turnover rates
School demographics of applicant schools including student poverty levels, English language learner populations, and special education populations.
Annually, less than 2 percent of public school principals are invited to receive a Cahn Fellowship.