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Expressions of Support

  • "The Cahn Fellows Program is a wonderful opportunity to work side by side with the best educational leaders in the city and to share ideas and concerns. It extends your vision beyond the school building."

    -Carmen Fariña, New York City School Chancellor

  • "The Cahn Fellows consistently propose innovative solutions to problems facing the Department and bring a wealth of knowledge to our conversations. The professional, intellectual and personal growth opportunities the Cahn Fellowship will provide you are immeasurable."

    -Joel Klein, former New York City Schools Chancellor

  • "The Cahn Fellows Program is an important recognition of the leadership challenges faced by principals in today's fast changing environment."

    -Hillary Rodham Clinton, former Secretary of State

  • "The Cahn Fellows experience is exciting and rewarding and we are certain that it will strengthen even further principals' commitment to leadership and education."

    -Ernest Logan, President of New York City Council of Supervisors and Administrators

Fellow Testimonials

"As a principal with many years of experience in the position, I have found the Cahn Fellows Program to be refreshingly stimulating. At a time when the major focus of professional development has been for new or less experienced colleagues, this program has renewed and invigorated those of us who have been on the job for a while."

‌-Cahn Fellows Program Director Lily Din Woo
Former Principal PS 130, Manhattan, 2003 Cahn Fellow


“I feel I have been blessed to be given the time to be a learner to continue my professional growth as a principal and to be able to reflect on my practices to support my staff. It has been an honor to be selected to work with such a diverse and incredible group of principals. Thank you for valuing and validating my work as a principal and treating me as a distinguished professional.”‌

-Nancy Sing-Bock, The Elias Howe School, 2005 Fellow


"The Cahn Fellows Program was just what I needed to take my school to the next level!"

-Nigel Pugh, 2006 Fellow


"My experience as a 2004 Cahn Fellow has affirmed and broadened my beliefs and practices regarding effective leadership. Interacting with other leaders from within and outside the field of education has been both invigorating and inspiring."

-Principal Michael Schurek, PS 19, the Bronx, 2004 Cahn Fellow


"My involvement in the Cahn Fellows Program has been professionally satisfying and a lot of fun. It is the most relevant and meaningful experience I've had in education".

-David Banks, 2003 Fellow


"The Summer Leadership Institute was the best leadership training experience I have had since becoming a principal eight years ago. It really dealt with the personal and individual qualities of being a leader."

 -Principal Gloria Dupree, PS 340, Brooklyn, 2004 Cahn Fellow


"Nothing compares to the Cahn Fellows Program. It was the first time in 8 ½ years that I was truly inspired and invigorated…I wish every principal in New York City could experience this!"

-Eileen Reiter, 2005 Fellow