The Cahn Fellows Program

Teachers College, Columbia University

Orientation Manual

Welcome to The Cahn Fellows Program!  We are excited to have you join our dedicated family of participants and trust you will have a rewarding and inspiring experience.  Please review this manual carefully and do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

Participant Portal


All documents and instructions needed for our program can be found at Participant Portal


Program Materials


All program materials are provided by the program.


Transportation to Gettysburg


We charter a bus for our travel to Gettysburg.  You are required to be at Teachers College ready to board the bus by 12 pm on Sunday, July 15 for the beginning of our Summer Leadership Institute.  All dates and times are detailed below.  If you are unable to book a flight with an arrival time of 10:30 am or earlier on Sunday, please notify us that you will need a room on

July 14.


Flight Arrangements


You are responsible for booking your flight arrangements through, our Teachers College travel agent.


We have done this to give you maximum flexibility in selecting your flights and airports.  We exclusively use United Airlines as our designated airline.  Please respond to our travel agent in a timely manner when booking flights.


You will be arriving at either Laguardia Airport or Newark Airport for all your flights.  We recommend carpooling with an Uber to Teachers College.  It can take between 25 minutes and an hour to get from LGA or Newark to TC despite the short distance.



You will be staying at the Hudson Hotel for for all our New York City events.  The Hudson Hotel is located at 358 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019.


Hudson Hotel Website


We have arranged for all your hotel stays.

Getting from Hotel to Teachers College


It is a 10 minute subway ride from Columbus Circle to Columbia University on the UPTOWN Train to the 116th Street Columbia University station.  The fare is $2.75 using a MetroCard.  When you exit the subway, walk from West 116th Street and Broadway to West 120th Street, turn right and enter Teachers College through the main entrance between Broadway and Amsterdam.  The address for Teachers College is 525 West 120th Street.


Instructions: How to Purchase a MetroCard

Instructions: Map of the New York City Subway


Arriving at Teachers College


Enter Teachers College through the main entrance on W 120th St.  At the reception desk, you will be asked for a photo id and will be given a pass to enter the building.  We will provide instructions for the location of each of our events. Note, we book the majority of our meeting rooms throughout Teachers College.  You will be notified in advance of any changes to this location.


Instructions: Map of Teachers College




We provide breakfast and lunch for all our events.  Dinner is on your own. We recommend you partner with a New York City-based Fellow to get the most out of the available dining options in the City.  


Travel Stipend


We provide a $500 travel stipend for all Fellows and $400 for Allies to cover incidentals.  We do not require receipts for your use of this stipend. In order to access payment, you will need to register in the Columbia University Unimarket System.  We do not provide reimbursements of any kind.


Instructions to register in Unimarket:

In order to receive a stipend, you must register in the Columbia University electronic procurement system, called "Unimarket".  We will send you an email from with the link to complete the registration.

When registering, please do the following:

- enter your full legal name as it appears on your social security card

- enter your preferred mailing address, as your check will be sent to this location.

- under category supplied, please enter code 86141501

- select SSN (not EIN or ITIN) on the first page

- select "individual/sole proprietor" on the W-9 form

- select "none" under business category on the W-9 form

The Cahn Fellows Program at Teachers College, Columbia University
FY 18-19 Program Schedule



Trip to Gettysburg and Summer Leadership Institute

July 15 - Arrive at Teachers College at 12 pm - 

July 15-17 - Gettysburg (return to NYC on July 17)

July 18 - 27 Summer Leadership Institute (Fellows)

July 17 - 20 Summer Leadership Institute (Allies)


October 5-7 Fall Retreat


December 13 Study Session and Holiday Party



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