June 2015 Leadership Conference Presentations

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Teachers College, Columbia University
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June 2015 Leadership Conference Presentations

The Writing Academy at Manhattan Center for Science & Mathematics
Presenters: David Jimenez, Allison Persad & Jane Amendola
Manhattan Center for Science & Math

Behavior & Learning: How Does Behavior Affect Learning?
Presenters: Evita Sanabria, Ayanna Greenidge, Sharon Middleton, Karen Mitchell, Lincia Hamilton & Tabatha Figueroa
P.S./I.S. 127 Aerospace & Science Academy, Queens

The Inside SCEWP to Fostering Student Ownership of Their Learning

Welcome & Introduction of Cahn Alumni Panel
Lily Woo, 2003 Cahn Fellow, Program Director, Cahn Fellows Program,Principal Emeritus, P.S. 130, NYC

Implementing a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) to Increase School Effectiveness
Presenters: Dr. Janice Jackson & Jullanar Naselli, Daniel Hale Williams Prep School of Medicine, Chicago

Improving Parent Engagement to Support Student Success in High School
Presenters: Beshir Abdellatif, Ronald Ambrosio, Andy Szeto & Adam Turek Herman Robert F. Kennedy Community High School, Queens

Collegial Conversations that Push Practice
Presenters: Kelly McGuire & Riley Ayndow, Lower Manhattan Community School, NYC

On Leadership

'Good leaders are passionate about their work. Through their styles differ, there are many common elements - strong beliefs, integrity, good people skills, thirst for knowledge, and willingness to learn. High energy helps too!' -- Cahn Fellow Principal

'Leadership is not so much about the duties you perform as it is about the people you serve.' -- Cahn Fellow Principal