TC Firsts for the 21st Century

An interactive exhibit held at TC’s Macy Gallery this summer introduced a new, 15-credit creative technologies concentration in TC’s Art and Art Education program.
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Since the campaign was launched in 2013, TC has forged many exciting and promising new directions  new work that includes:

  • The Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food, Education & Policy, which is shaping healthier eating behaviors among children by advocating at the local and national levels and translating research into recommendations and resources for educators, policy makers, and community advocates. The Center focuses on schools as critical levers for learning and social change and continues the legacy of TC as the birthplace of the field of nutrition education more than 100 years ago.
  • The Abby M. O’Neill Fellowship, an $11 million commitment to filling the need for excellent teachers in underserved communities. Graduating its first cohort of 11 Fellows in 2015, the program supports aspiring teachers who demonstrate a commitment to teaching in New York City by removing financial barriers to fulfilling that commitment. These future New York City teachers will graduate virtually debt-free, helping the Campaign meet its number one priority to support our promising students.
  • A new Resilience Center for Veterans & Families that combines the efforts of Professor George Bonanno, one of the world’s foremost authorities on emotional resilience and its role in the recovery from trauma and loss; our Dean-Hope Center for Educational & Psychological Services, which is training counselors to serve veterans and their families; and researchers studying a unique program that pairs returning veterans with mentors from the business and non-profit worlds.
  • The world’s first master’s degree program in Learning Analytics—the use of technology and large-scale data to, in essence, learn how learners learn. Graduates will be equipped to help teachers, principals, superintendents and policymakers improve outcomes ranging from a single student’s performance on a homework assignment to an entire district’s performance over the course of several years.
  • Research that is revealing powerful new evidence about the impact of poverty on the developing brains of children during the first three years of life, research that could lay the groundwork for new anti-poverty initiatives.
  • A new Creative Technologies concentration dedicated to the proposition that art is about agency and that artists are creative entrepreneurs who fashion practical approaches to realize opportunities. The program centers on our newly re-outfitted fabrication laboratory, or "fab lab," where an array of digital and electronic tools enable artists to make and activate new kinds of objects that give form and expression to ideas.
  • The nationwide rollout of Loot Inc.; The Cowin Financial Literacy Program, that equips high school teachers to make personal finance not only comprehensible, but relevant and engaging for today’s young people.
  • Expansion of the nation’s first Ivy League master’s degree concentration in spirituality and psychology.

As the Campaign moves into this next phase, the possibilities for new directions at TC are limitless. Join us as we soar to $300 million and continue the work of creating a smarter, healthier and more equitable world.