CAF Trust – If you wish to make a gift of at least £10,000 to charity, a CAF Trust is an easy way to give lasting support to TC. Your trust accumulates interest and the income goes to TC. You can also distribute the capital at a stipulated date. There is no appointing of trustees or registering with the Charities Commission, and there are no legal fees or other expenses in producing annual account reports.

CAF Charity Account – You can also contribute current funds to TC through a Charity Account. When you register, you can stipulate donations by mail, in person, by telephone or online. The account can be funded by a direct cash/stock gift. Appreciated securities are sold through CAF and are exempt from capital gains.

CAF Legacy Gifts – All you have to do is make a gift in your will to CAF and stipulate which charity receives the gift. Any sum you leave to charity is exempt from inheritance tax, reducing the amount of tax payable on your estate. Legacy gifts are not applicable for Gift Aid.