Planned Giving Options

“I am grateful for the training and leadership skills I learned at TC. I am very proud to be a TC graduate and to make the College a part of my estate plans.”—Charo Uceda (M.A., Applied Linguistics)

‌Charitable Bequests

A Charitable Bequest is the simplest way to provide future support to Teachers College. A will can be made at any age, and by anyone who wishes to support the programs at Teachers College. >> Learn More

Gifts that Provide an Income

For those who wish to make a gift to Teachers College but are concerned about current income, Teachers College offers the Charitable Gift Annuity and Pooled Income Fund programs. In return for an irrevocable gift, the College agrees to pay you and/or another person you may choose an income for life. >> Learn More

Charitable Trusts

You can provide income to yourself or your loved ones and for the College with a Charitable Remainder Trust. A Charitable Lead Trust can allow you to make a current gift to Teachers College, with tax benefits for you or your children or deferred income, diversifying your assets, and giving you significant tax benefits. >> Learn More

Gifts of Retirement Plan Assets

Retirement plan assets are among the best assets to use for charitable gifts because normally they are highly taxed in your estate. Naming Teachers College as a beneficiary of your retirement plan can provide significant tax savings. >> Learn More

Gifts of Life Insurance

If you no longer have use for your paid-up life insurance policy or wish to donate an existing policy or create a new policy, you can use it to make a charitable gift by designating Teachers College as a beneficiary to your life insurance policy or by giving the policy to the College outright. Either way, you can be eligible for substantial tax savings. >> Learn More

Gifts of Tangible Personal Property

You can also make a gift of personal property not considered tangible, such as royalties on published works. Teachers College can accept gifts of personal archives but only subject to prior approval. Contact the Office of Planned Giving to discuss guidelines for a gift of this kind.