The Grace Dodge Society

Grace Dodge Society members are invited to an annual luncheon at which members meet old and new friends, hear from students who have benefited from a bequest, and celebrate with others who have made TC a part of their estate plans.

The Grace Dodge Society recognizes individuals who have generously provided for Teachers College in their will, trust or other planned gifts.

Grace Hoadley Dodge (1856–1914) was the founder and guiding spirit of Teachers College—a benefactor who viewed education as the principal means to create better families, better communities and a better world. Her spirit continues to shape the work of the College.

At her death in 1914, Grace Dodge left a generous bequest that demonstrated her faith in the future of Teachers College. To this day over 100 years later, Teachers College realizes support from this bequest.

Carrying on her legacy, Teachers College prepares each new generation of leaders in education, health and psychology; and helps shape policy to address critical issues of the day.

You become a member of the Grace Dodge Society when you provide support for Teachers College in one or more of the following ways:

  • Make a bequest to Teachers College through a will or living trust
  • Establish an immediate or deferred gift annuity or invest in our pooled income fund
  • Name Teachers College a beneficiary of an Individual Retirement Account or a beneficiary of an insurance policy
  • Designate Teachers College as a beneficiary of a charitable remainder or lead trust

If you have included Teachers College as part of your estate plans, and wish to enroll in the Grace Dodge Society, please click here‌.