Build the Future Today

Teachers college is enhancing its teaching and learning environments with new technology and designs to create collaborative learning and research spaces.


A gift in support of TC’s capital plan creates a lasting tribute that will benefit generations of TC scholars.

Classroom and Library Modernization

Naming Opportunities (Individual Classrooms) 
15 Seats $250,000
25 Seats $500,000
35 Seats $650,000
55 Seats $750,000


Location Examples of Recognition
Thompson or Grace Dodge Suite
2 Classrooms
$1 Million The NAME Family Suite
A Gift from NAME
Grace Dodge Cluster
3 Classrooms
$1.5 Million Department of Human Development
Classroom Cluster
A Gift from NAME
Grace Dodge Cluster
Half-floor, (3rd Floor)
$2 Million The NAME Learning and Innovation Cluster
Grace Dodge Corridor
Full floors (2nd or 4th Floors)
$3.5 Million NAME Corridor
In Recognition of 60 Years or Service to Teachers College
Grace Dodge Wing
2 Floors, (4th and 5th Floors)
$5 Million Faculty NAME Wing
With Admiration from
His/Her Students
Gottesman Library
Full floor renovation
$8 Million Build the Future Today
Grace Dodge Hall
Full Renovation
$10 Million Grace Dodge Classrooms
Dedicated to the Advancement of
Education Through Technology
A Gift from NAME