What is a Capital Project?

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Capital Projects

The Department of

What is a Capital Project?

A Capital Project can range from multiple levels of conception, which can be more direct to complex scopes of work which impact the campus and the TC community. 

Renovation projects, considered as capital improvements for the College, include, but may not be limited to, large scale space reconfiguration (walls coming down or walls going up), bathroom or kitchen full renovations, large scale public space renovations such as halls, office suites and classrooms, and student and faculty housing renovations. This includes all work that will require some or significant building code changes including life safety systems and ADA accessibility and includes architectural and/or engineering services and analysis.

All mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural work which will require feasibility and engineering assessment for long term infrastructure investment and planning, will be managed in partnership with the Office of Facilities.

Typical repair and maintenance work (R and M) which does not constitute a "project", (including carpet replacement, painting, fixture replacements - lighting, plumbing, cabinet repairs, etc.), and can be defined as a direct replacement in kind and does not involve a significant change to the existing conditions, is work that will be managed by the office of Facilities. 

All day to day operational issues such as leaks, will be directly managed by the office of Facilities. If the issue deems necessary, the Department of Capital Projects will work with Facilities and investigate the issue and generate an overall strategy.

If you are in need of these services, please contact Facilities to place a work ticket at the TMA iServiceDesk.