On-Campus Recruiting

On-Campus Recruiting

Employer Engagement Sessions

An Employer Engagement Session is a unique and dynamic opportunity to connect with TC students. Employers present a career topic relevant to their organization for an opportunity to interact with TC students and alumni. Employers bring any materials needed to engage students in meaningful discussion and active feedback. This is a lively career educative experience that broadens the traditional student-employer recruitment practice and allows the employer to capture the skills and competencies of TC students. It is also a wonderful way to build relationships with TC talent. To submit a topic and schedule an Employer Engagement Session, please email your proposal to Christina Badini at Christina.Badini@tc.columbia.edu.

Employer Information Sessions

Utilizing a more traditional presentation model, employers can showcase their organization and highlight specific job career opportunities through an employer-led presentation arranged by Career Education & Professional Development (CEPD). Information sessions typically last one hour and include a brief presentation and a question and answer period. If you would like to host an information session, please email employerrelations@tc.columbia.edu or call 212-678-3140.

Employer On-Campus Interviews

On-campus interviewing entails facilitating resume submission for employer job postings in TCCS LINK and electronically setting up interview schedules on campus. This enables employers to interview highly qualified candidates easily and effectively. Please email or call employerrelations@tc.columbia.edu or call 212-678-3140.



We reserve the right in our sole discretion to make a final determination of all employers and events hosted on campus, and the positions offered/advertised through CEPD to the Teachers College community.


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