CEE - Support the Center for Educational Equity

Public education in the United States is profoundly unequal. The quality of education children receive largely depends on who they are and where they live. Educational inequities fuel disparities in students' readiness for college, careers, and informed civic participation. Unequal opportunities perpetuate economic inequality and social fragmentation, and they undermine the health of our democracy.

Historical inequities that have been created by unfair social norms are self-perpetuating unless we intervene.  The Center for Educational Equity uses research, legal strategies, and collective advocacy to advance foundational change.  We promote effective court orders, strong education policies, improved investment in schooling, and engaged stakeholders to ensure all schools are well equipped to meet the needs of their students, especially in underserved communities.

Supporting the Center will help build an inclusive, healthy democracy and equitable society by strengthening students' educational rights. Our individual and collective well-being, and the strength of our democracy, hang in the balance.

Our secure form allows you to finalize your gift using a major credit card. If you have questions, or have difficulty using this form, please contact advserv@tc.columbia.edu or call 212-678-3231.

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