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Lesson Plans

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Literacy Rich Classrooms

Students work independently,  in pairs,  and in large and small groups- Engaged in collaborative problem solving, discussions, and creative projects.

Classrooms are filled with print

The work of students is displayed and celebrated

Learning Centers

Language Arts K-4

Materials: An assortment of different items


Look at the items in front of you. In your journal, record your answers to the following questions.

Where might you expect to find it? What may you use it for? Have you ever seen anything like it before? Write a story incorporating this item.

Question for teachers: How can you extend this activity in your classroom?

Perspective Grades 4-5

Materials: Pictures from magazines and newspapers


Choose a picture to observe. Imagine yourself in the picture. Use your five senses to describe what is happening around you. Record in your journal what you see, what you hear, etc. Give the image a title. You may use prose or poem form.

Question for teachers: How can you extend this activity in your classroom? How can you make these activities continuous? What other writing strategies could you use to follow up on one of these lessons?

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